Facebook For Real Estate Agents: 5 Essential Tips

facebook for real estate agents

Social media is especially important for the “digital natives” — all the Millennials that are getting ready to dominating the housing market. However, it’s not just younger generations on social Media. Actually, 69% of all US adult have a social media account. And, if you’re working with rentals and the young-future homebuyers hoping to become tenants, most of your consumer-base will be on social media. All agents probably use a personal social medias to keep up with their families, and post about their latest life changes. However, make sure to get a business social media page up and running, too! A savvy agent knows what to post, when to post, and what tools are at their disposal to get new clients. But, don’t worry if you’re not sure yet! Facebook’s not new to the game. it’s actually one of the oldest still-used social media sites. Rumors of Instagram dethroning Facebook abound; however, the latter is still the most heavily trafficked social media. Most people use Facebook just like you do— as a space to keep in touch with family and friends, and share photos, videos, and pieces of information. However, Facebook for real estate agents can also be a space to generate leads. Real estate agents should set up a facebook business page to conduct all communications, and make sure to post regularly to prospective clients.

This is the fourth part of our five part social media series!

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Facebook is a big deal for us at Rental Beast. Our partnership with Facebook allows us to post our approved listings on Facebook Marketplace, and all responses come back to Rental Beast agents as leads. We know how Facebook for real estate agents can be used to grow a sphere of influence and help grow a sphere of influence, so here’s a few tips from your friends at Rental Beast and Rental Beast University to get you on the road to Facebook success.  

Here are some tips from your friends at Rental Beast and Rental Beast University. 

Have Some Pinned Posts

By pinning a post, you put it permanently at the top of your page for a week, even if you post something else. It’s a highly visible space, so ask yourself what do you want your clients to see when they first go to your page? Maybe it’s a nice photo of a new client you’ve managed to place, or maybe it’s a welcome video that introduces yourself in a dynamic, warm way. Pinning posts is easy, and it’s a great way to boost engagement (likes, clicks, and comments) with a post that you want to show, and put your best foot forward to potential leads.

Respond to Your Comments

One great part about social media is that you can easily and informally talk with your clients and prospective clients. Make sure that, if people are commenting, they aren’t shouting into the void. Reply to all the comments quickly and professionally. Even a quick, “thanks for letting me know!” or “glad you enjoyed the post!” Goes a long way to show that you are communicative, clear, and already listening to clients’ needs. It might be your nightmare to get a mean comment from a past client, but, if that happens make sure to reply to it, too! Always be respectful and ask if you can direct message to help solve their complaint. 

Make it A Multimedia Experience

Don’t restrict yourself to offering your followers just one type of post. Make sure that you’re varying your newsfeed, using text, photos, and video to engage your viewers and produce something bright, visually appealing, and consumable. Here are a couple ways to vary your newsfeed:
– Some before and after photos of houses that have been recently renovated
– Client testimonials. A series of videos where you interview clients who have recently signed leases with you
– Motivational tips you find particularly inspiring

Track Engagement with Facebook Analytics

track analytics

Facebook analytics are your best friends. Get to know them. Take a look at the page views and post likes that you’re getting. Read some guides about how to best use Facebook analytics here! You can use Facebook analytics to see how many people are viewing and engaging with your posts. Take a look at the numbers that you receive for different types of posts. It’s always good to vary you feed, but respond to what works.

Keep it Local

Show yourself as a local expert by liking some local restaurants and stores, and reposting their posts. This can be anything from specials that they have on dinner plates to holiday sales. Just think about what someone who lives in the neighborhood might want to know! Or, if you don’t want to repost, take a photo of something that you saw recently around the neighborhood— an “Opening Soon” sign for a new business, a community or charity event, a nice sunset, even— and post if on your timeline to generate some excitement from your client about the neighborhood that they’ll be moving into! 

Hit the Repost Button

facebook for real estate agent

We’ve given you a bit of advice on what you want to post— listings, client testimonials, local news— but don’t just talk about what you’re doing and what you’re selling. Maybe your customer might like to get some decorating tips, or tips about trends in the local real estate market? Know that you don’t have to all the heavy lifting! Simply hit the repost button. Follow other real estate agents, home renovation blogs, and, if you come across an article you like or think might be interesting, repost it on your page! 

Want to learn more? Rental Beast University’s My First Deal Bootcamp includes units on social media, and can give you new techniques to help sharpen your skills, get you confident using digital tools, and get you leads. If you want to take a deeper dive into social media, apart from Facebook for real estate agents, Rental Beast University also offers a course designed with social media in mind— “Boot Camp: Social Media Beginner.” If you’re ready to take advantage of social media to generate leads, Rental Beast can help. With a Rental Beast subscription, you can create a sphere of influence and mime your current sphere of influence by easily share listings to your Facebook page, Twitter, and Craigslist. 

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