7 Huge Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make on Youtube

youtube for real estate agents

We know social media is stressful, so we’ve started a series of best practices for different social medias. This article lets you know the biggest mistakes real estate agents make on YouTube– and how to avoid them!

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If a picture tells a thousand words, how much does a video tell? One minute of video tells 1.8 million words says Dr. James McQuivey, the scientist behind the report, “How Video will take over the world.” There’s no reason why real estate agents can’t get a piece of the action to generate leads and position yourself as a thought leader. Posting on Youtube is simple and relatively intuitive— get an account, film a video, edit with easy-to-use software like iMovie, and post away! But, don’t be posting blind. Get ready to harness the power of video and start using Youtube effectively with these best practices from your friends at Rental Beast. 

Mistake #1: They Don’t Post with Regularity

It can be pretty demoralizing when your subscriber list is comprised of just your family, and the videos you’ve lovingly thought-up, filmed, and edited have single digit views, but make sure to keep at it! Keep posting because videos are a powerful way to start developing trust with your clients before you even meet them. Your subscriber count and your view count can be good indicators of how many people you’re reaching, but getting popular isn’t the end game. Keep posting because you have real estate knowledge and passion you’d like to share with your clients. Remember: the worst thing you can do on any social media page is leave it inactive. Try to post at least bi-monthly, but, if you’re feeling too swamped, get one video every month.

Mistake #2: They Don’t Invest in a Decent Camera (or at least move to an area with proper lighting)

youtube for real estate agents
OK— videos filmed on your cell-phone or computer are not 
automatically wrong. The candid, shaky-cam look has its appeal, but you want to make sure that your videos read professional. And, let’s face it, selfie videos don’t always look the best, especially if you’re walking around filming your neighborhood or you’re trying to show off a new listing. For a shorter video where you’re just sharing a few tips it may be fine, but always make sure that you’re in an area with proper lighting (always film with a light source like a window or a light in front of you, not behind), and you’re filming at a flattering angle (not too low, not too high, keep your phone at arm’s length, so the viewer isn’t uncomfortably close to your face). 

To play it safe, we’d recommend investing in a good camera and a tripod. (Bonus: you can take cute family photos at the holidays.) You still need to look for good lighting, but you’ll feel confident that you’re putting your best foot forward with high-definition footage that showcases your listing, your neighborhood, and your face in the best way possible.  

Mistake #3: They Don’t Diversify Their Content

Just pumping out the same content every month is boring for you and your viewer. Figure out a few different types of videos that you’d like to film, and that you think your clients would like to see. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Neighborhood explorations. Let the viewer follow you around as you soak up the local atmosphere, get a cup of coffee, or do some shopping, so they can envision themselves doing the same. It’ll be like Google street view, only better. Sell your area as well as your apartments. 
  • Listings walkthroughs. Show a great listing to generate more interest!
  • Q&A. Solicit questions from your clients and drop some knowledge. Is no one asking you questions? Don’t wait for adoring fans to flood your mailbox. Ask them yourself. Think about what questions you would have as a potential renter or buyer and challenge yourself to come up with a brief, helpful answer on film.  
  • Connect with other pros. See if another agent will come on your Youtube channel. 
  • Real estate forecast and report. What do you see in cards for the market? What amenities are becoming increasingly popular? What piece of recent real estate news is going to have real effects for consumers? Share your expertise on the real estate market to position yourself as a knowledgeable thought-leader. 

Set up a schedule, and be ready to shift it around if you see one video getting significantly more likes/ views/ traction than the rest of them. 

When you feel like you have a schedule that works for you and that you can follow in place, it’s a smart idea to advertise that schedule. In your Youtube bio, let viewers know what to expect by writing what videos you release. 

discover together

Mistake #4: They Don’t Study People Who Are Doing It Well

Follow some real estate agents and thought leaders on Youtube and see whose videos Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 1.52.13 PM.pngspeak to you. Once you have a little list of your Youtube role models, start studying! Get granular. Is there a particular way of speaking that you like? Maybe it’s as specific as a way that they move their hands when they make an essential point that intrigues you? Or perhaps what draws you in a series of videos that seemed particularly relevant. Figure out what works for you as a viewer, and see if you can translate their success to your videos. Make things your own, but don’t be afraid to adopt and adapt. 

Mistake #5: They Don’t Use the Opportunity to Share a Bit about Themselves 

You don’t have to limit your channel to just discussions of real estate— although that should be the primary goal. If you have a hobby, feel free to give a brief review of it in one of your videos. If, for example, you love to tackle DIY projects in your spare-time, viewers will appreciate seeing how you upgraded your bathroom on a budget. Another great thing about social media is that it allows you to humanize yourself to your client. Ask your friend what the best part of living in your neighborhood is, and take the viewer along for a short video as the two of you have some fun together. Your client will be able to envision having the same type of fun with their kid/spouse/friend. 

Mistake #6: They Ignore the Bio, Thumbnail, and Video Description.

Your work doesn’t just end when you’ve edited and completed a pretty looking, informative video! Make sure that every part of your channel is appealing, branded, and relevant. Describe your video with keywords that will help clients find your video on search engines. 

Mistake #7: They Don’t HAVE FUN

youtube for real estate agents
It can be pretty daunting to stare at the lens for an extended period, and you may find yourself obsessing and over-evaluating how your voice sounds, or how your hair looks, or why you chose that shirt, but try to have fun! Smile throughout your videos and work to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Practice makes perfect, but, if you’re struggling with camera shyness think of a few tricks to help you out. Like, pretending that you’re talking to a trusted friend, or rehearse your video in front of a mirror.

Lastly! Don’t leave your video on YouTube. Post your video on twitter and Facebook, too. Let everyone see it.

We see the value in social media and want to make it easy for you to become a social media guru. Rental Beast makes it easy both to mine your current sphere of influence and get new, warm rental leads. Agents can syndicate Rental Beast listings to Craigslist, and Facebook with just a few clicks, and our partnerships with realtor.com, Facebook, and other popular websites allow us to post our listings to millions of social media users and apartment hunters. Whether you get the word out on a listing, or we share it for you on Facebook Marketplace, all leads are sent directly back to you. 

Rental Beast gives you access to over 7 million off-MLS listings to take advantage of, and (with the landlord’s permission) show on your YouTube page. Super-charge your rental career with Rental Beast suite of tools that simplifies the whole rental process— from lead generation to lease signing.

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