The First Conversation: What to Say to a New Rental Lead, How to Say It

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Here at Rental Beast, we know that a lot of work goes into generating a rental lead. From posting on Facebook to sending out prospecting emails to mining your current client database, lead generation can be an exhausting, albeit crucial, part of being an agent. But, once you have a rental lead in your sight, your first interactions will dictate how the relationship will unfold. This is especially important in an “experience economy,” where businesses are judged holistically on all interactions that the client has, not just their satisfaction with the final product.

The pressure to seal this first deal and get an exclusive contract can be stressful, and, as a result, talking to new leads can be a little intimidating. We want to help you gain your confidence and get things off to the right start. Here’s some tips about what to say to a rental lead and how to say it.

First, make sure that you strike the right tone.

Keep in mind that this tone can differ depending on who your client is. A millennial client— and, remember, millennials are 3x more likely to rent than any other generation— might be used to a slightly more informal means of communication than a Gen X or Baby Boomer client. Be ready to change exactly how you express vital ideas, and maybe consider even using emojis for millennial clients. However, being quick to respond and setting a professional, warm, and knowledgeable tone always makes for a strong first impression. 

Also, make sure that you’re ready to text.

Actually, you want to be sure that you’re calling, emailing, and texting, but texting is gaining in popularity. In fact, messaging beats out both email and phone call in polls of smartphone usage. This is especially important when dealing with younger clients, who might be more comfortable with the ease, informality, and convenience of text messages. However, it’s not just for Millennials— texting is excellent for clients busy with work, other phone calls, and juggling many different things.

Don’t forget to call, email, or text your lead multiple times.

You’re not being annoying, you’re trying to get someone’s business and help them find a rental they can happily call home. Sometimes people forget to check their messages or texts, or put off responding because of time constraints. Double checking that they’ve received your message is always beneficial and persistence is essential; 50% of rental leads are not contacted a second time, so you increase your chances of making a relationship by merely calling a lead a second time. 

Want specifics? We got you covered. Here’s some pieces of dialogue you can fit into your conversations with leads.  

Say: “I can save you time and money by searching through hundreds of listings and making sure that the listings I show you are competitively and fairly priced.”

This should be one of the first sentences you say to a potential client. Convey your value quickly by letting them know what it means to have you on their side and why they should work with you with rentals.

Say: “I’ve dedicated myself to knowing a lot about this area, so I’m really familiar with all the amenities it has. How well do you know it? Can I help you know it better?”

Establish yourself as a local expert and someone who is excited and ready to share all that you know with your lead. Be prepared to send them some links to restaurants, let them know what they should research, and drive them around the areas that they are interested in. 

Say: “I like to make sure that my clients know all the options available to them, and I’m wondering how you feel about home-ownership? You actually don’t need to have a 20% down payment to buy a house, and I can help get you on that path.”

Maybe your client isn’t interested at all, but it’s worth a shot. Rentals are fantastic to incorporate into your business, not only because of the increasing number of clients wanting to rent, but also because they provide a reliable pipeline of first-time buyers. Sometimes this transition can happen during an initial conversation. Many rental clients don’t know that they could actually be buying, so make sure you’ve clarified this to them. 

If you’ve been referred by someone say: “I recently helped (this person that we both know) find a place to live, and I’d love to help you find some place that’s perfect for you.”

Likely, you are already starting off this relationship on the right foot! You wouldn’t have been referred by your first client if they had a negative experience. Bring up this commonality as soon as possible. If your client has a positive experience with you, they are likely to refer you again. 

Of course, you can’t have initial conversations with leads if you’re struggling to generate them. Rental Beast makes it easy both to mine your current sphere of influence and get new, warm rental leads. Agents can syndicate Rental Beast listings to Craigslist, and Facebook with just a few clicks, and our partnerships with, Facebook, and other popular websites allow us to post our listings to millions of social media users and apartment hunters. Whether you get the word out on a listing, or we share it for you on Facebook Marketplace, all leads are sent directly back to you.

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