7 Ways to Get Rental Leads to Rental Clients


Getting a new lead is exciting! Soon, you’ll be finding units, organizing showings, and guiding them through the steps of a lease. But, before you start, make sure you have a process that can get you the leads you need to get your business to thrive, and that you’re able to successfully translate these leads to rental clients. Here’s 7 tips to transition rental leads to rental clients. 

1. Work hard, search for leads often

Work Hard: We know that real estate agents are busy, busy people! Between selecting units that your clients will love, leading stand-out showings, and guiding eager renters through the terms of their lease, real estate agents have a packed schedule. But, the top preforming agents make lead generation activities an essential part of their daily routine. 

Leave No Stone Unturned: Diversify your lead generation activities, and don’t rely on cold-calling! Bring your lead generation into the 21st century by posting your listings regularly on social media and engaging your sphere of influence online. After all, 99% of Millennials search on online websites. And, it’s not just younger generation that complete digital searches. 90% of Older Boomers and 70% of the Silent Generation also take to the internet to find a home. 

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If you’re an established agent, reaching into your sphere of influence and creating a robust referral program that will create more rental clients, and home sales clients, might be easy. Reach out to your former clients, and let them know that you’re ready and willing to help. 

If you’re still working to build a sphere of influence, make sure you strengthen your social media strategy, and work hard to get your base in place.

2. Leads are best when they are workable for your business? Who do you want to work with? Set budget and area permitters. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 11.53.19 AM.png
Filter leads by minimum rent, max days until leads wants to move in, and preferred zip codes straight from the Rental Beast platform

Every agent has their specialities. Your area knowledge is most specific in a few zip codes; you have a minimum amount of commission that will allow you to pay for your lifestyle. Make sure your leads work well for your business by searching only for leads from specific zip codes and with specific budgets.

Whatever level of experience you have, remember that, while it is perfectly alright to decide that you want to work predominately with rentals that will charge over a certain number, or work with rentals in the area you know most about, it is never alright to discriminate on renters based on race, age, gender or gender presentation, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexuality— or any other identity! Maintain professionalism at all times. 

Rental Beast makes it easy to filter through leads to find the ones that work for your business. Our powerful lead organization tools automatically filter leads using fully customizable zip-code and commission filters. We make sure that real estate agents are able to get the right amount of leads for their business, in the areas that they want to work. 

3. Speed is key

A quick response is more likely to land than a slow one. After all, when you receive a lead’s interest, it means that they are looking right now! So, reply as soon as possible to every lead, and be ready show that you’re ready to assist with whatever real estate moves they want to make— from seeing the apartment that they’ve picked out to finding a few other homes that match the items on their wishlists to guiding them through the terms of a lease. 

With Rental Bast you can make sure that all leads are responded to with just a few clicks. Our automatic response emails and texts ensure that you’re top-of-mind. Easily customize your welcome message to create something that feels right for your audience. 

4. Utilize multiple touch points


Just like you—some leads like to be called, others liked to be texted, others like to be emailed. Hit all your bases by utilizing a multi-touch point strategy that makes sure you make the contact you need with your lead.  

We recommend texting your lead first to establish a time to call, following-up with an email that reiterates that time, and then calling your lead at the specified time. 

5. Once you’ve got a lead, make sure you qualify, qualify, qualify!

Ask them these three important questions: “are you working with an agent already?”, “are you looking to move in the next six months?”, and “to fill out a rental application, you will need to provide your credit score, eviction history, does anything concern you?”

If a renter discloses to you that they don’t have a credit score that will be good enough for them secure a rental. It is wise to try to educate a client that you can’t work with, though. Proving yourself as a responsible and trustworthy source of knowledge is always useful. Once again, during the lead qualification stage, make sure not to discriminate against any identity. 

6. Make sure that your lead knows the value you bring as a LOCAL expert


What can you provide for your clients that the other real estate agents can’t? After all, every real estate agent does the same job, right? And, with the popularity and advent of rental portals, finding attractive leases is easier than ever. 

After you are able to make contact with your lead, make sure that you send a follow-up text and email that let’s your lead know that you’re ready to offer the assistance . Here’s the point where you can secure them as a client, and 

7. When all is said and done, make sure they know you’re ready for referrals!

It’s best when you can transition your rental leads to rental clients! Working with rentals gives you direct access to future homebuyers, allowing you to build the strong relationships you need to succeed. 

To learn more about the Rental Beast platform or to request a no-obligation demo visit Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents.

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