Social Media for Real Estate Agents: Do’s and Don’t’s

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It’s no secret that a killer social media game should be an an important part of every real estate agent’s marketing strategy. But, the thought of posting on social media can make even savvy real estate agents start to sweat. There’s lot of social medias and each is a little bit different, but some similar rules should govern your interaction with all of them. Get started on your social media strategy with confidence using these Do’s and Don’t’s of Social Media for real estate agents.

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The Do’s Of Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Do: Stay Consistent

We’re sure you’ve heard this a hundred times before. We’ll say it a hundred times again— Consistency is key to any social media presence. As your strategy expands, it’s important for you to analyze your success and see what pieces of content work well for you and what things might not be a great fit for your business plan. Your analytics will only be valuable tools if there’s enough data to make them viable. So, make sure to stick to a routine social media plan for at least six months. 

Make sure that you don’t experience content droughts by creating enough content for your followers. The optimum posts per weeks differs based on which social media you are using; however, you’ll need to post at least once a week on each platform to engage your audience.   

Do: Remember that the Internet Never Forgets

Seriously. Anything you post online can (and might!) be used against you, so exercise caution. We don’t say this to scare you or dissuade agents from using social media to get leads and build their professionalism. However, make sure to keep everything professional and keep testy topics like politics. And, never post anything offensive. Ask the advice of a trusted friend or your real estate mentor if you’re unsure. Remember, if you think something is “borderline,” don’t post it. Why take the risk?

Of course, you’re welcome to share a some non-real estate related posts. Photos of the neighborhoods you work in and restaurants nearby are great ways to both mix up your content  and give potential clients a taste of your neighborhood’s local flavor.

Do: Use Social Media for Lead Gen

The top agents don’t wait for leads to come to them. They go out there and try to generate the leads they need to succeed. A good social media for real estate agents will include lead gen.

Rental Beast makes it easy to share listings on social media to generate new clients. You can easily access twitter and Craigslist from the. Remember—all Rental Beast listings are sourced directly from property owners and landlords, so there’s no co-brokes attached. Share these listings to get to no co-broke commissions.

Do: Commit Yourself to a Calendar

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Stay organized by creating a calendar to guide your weekly posting. If you want to dedicate a lot of time to your social media strategy, feel free to plan in detail far in advance. If not, no sweat. Your content calendar can be as simple as deciding that every other day you will post a featured listing on each social media. 

Here’s some content ideas for social media for real estate agents:

    • Featured listings (this type of post is important for lead gen so make sure to include it!)
    • Neighborhood spotlight (show your clients why they’ll love living in the areas you work
    • Client success story (Don’t just tell your clients that you’re a great real estate agent. Let your clients speak for you)
    • A motivational quote that resonates with you (To fuel daily drive for you and your clients)
    • Repost a blog article you think might have value to your renters (reposting is a great way to engage in your social network of choice and takes the burden of content creation off your shoulders for a few days a week)

Do: Study People Who You Admire

These do’s and don’ts are important and a fantastic place to start, but continue your research by learning from the best. Study real estate professionals who you think have a fantastic social media presence and ask yourself, how can I make that my own? Is there a particular type of content that’s new that you’ve not thought of creating? 

Don’ts of Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Don’t: Over reach and Over Commit

There’s no need to be on as many social medias as possible. Choose the ones that make the most sense for you and your business. Facebook and Instagram–the two most trafficked social medias–might be good places to start. Be smart with your strategy, too. Don’t commit to a strategy that you can’t keep. For example, videos are a fantastic way to engage your sphere. However, shooting, editing, and posting a high quality video everyday is probably unsustainable. 

Because you want to make sure that you’re producing enough content for your followers to engage with, you can’t comprise on quantity. However, low quality content won’t be valuable for your clients. 

Build a presence on social media networks that make sense to your business—not just what seems trendy right now.

Don’t: Overshare

Stick to your content creation schedule and make sure that you’re not coming off as spammy or over zealous.

Don’t: Over Hashtag

Hashtags (like #RentalBeast or #Texas or #RealEstateAgents) is a great way to get in on the conversation and will, essentially, flag your posts and enter you in conversation with other users posting about (or looking for posts about) what you want to talk about. 

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