7 Tech Solutions for Real Estate Agents to Adapt


Tech can feel tough to master for even the savvy, and, if you’re a relative newcomer to the digital world, it can feel intimating to add tech skills to your resume. However, with more and more being limitations placed on face-to-face interactions, now is the time to get acquainted with helpful digital solutions you can build into your business strategy for longterm success. Real estate agents can keep up with current market conditions by taking to tech and learning best practices. Check out these 7 Tech Solutions for Real Estate Agents that they can use to adapt their businesses and continue growing.

1. Let’s start simple: Get acquainted with Skype, Zoom, or your favorite virtual meeting platform

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Limited face-to-face interaction doesn’t mean you have to stay distant from your clients or your team. Get acquainted with Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, or your favorite virtual meeting platform. Before you hop on calls, make sure you know how to log-in, mute yourself (in case there’s unavoidable background noise) and turn off your video.

To make sure you keep up a professional appearance, designate a well-lit area of your home that you can use to speak with clients.

Of course, you can also call your clients or your team on the phone, and this is a great solution to keep in touch. But, there’s value in speaking with your client and seeing, in real time, their reaction to the different properties the two of you are considering.

This is also a great time to check in with your clients to make sure they are healthy the same way you might use Skype or FaceTime to keep in contact with your friends and family. Suggest a virtual face-to-face with your clients and ask them if you can be of any help.

2. Virtual Showings

Many people don’t want to buy or rent homes unseen–totally understandable. So, how are we able to lead stand-out showings? Good news: the real estate industry is resilient and adapting quickly to these challenges. Check out virtual showing options.

We hear this a lot, and we believe it: “We’re all in it together!” Real estate agents are integral members of their communities and dedicated to finding their clients a home that fits their lifestyles, and creating lasting relationships with property owners and renters. So, work with property owners and sellers to try to make virtual showings possible for your clients.

These Tech Solutions for Real Estate Agents can be used right now–all Rental Beast subscribers have immediate access to active rental listings with virtual showing capacity!

3. LiveStream Walk Throughs

As much as possible, see if you can capture the apartments you share with your client base in good lighting and good condition.

Vacant apartment units are still getting shown, and, for a totally contact-free experience, you can film a walk-throughs not just for your clients, but for your whole sphere of influence–Go LIVE on Instagram or Facebook and (with the property managers or landlord’s permission), show a vacant apartment that can be rented right now.

Like a showing conducted face-to-face, make sure to apply the best practices you use during your showings everyday–walk slowly, be clear about what you are seeing, leave some time to explain the amenities that the apartment complex or this specific offer, and make sure to let your viewers know about any specials that the landlord is willing to offer new movers.

4. Online Learning Platforms

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Chances are you’re spending a lot of time at home. Learning and sharpening your real estate skills is a great way to decrease anxiety, have fun, and build a sustainable business.  If you haven’t already built rentals into your business plan, now–as the sales cycle softens and apartments are able to rent sight-unseen–is a great time to start building rentals into your business plan.

At Rental Beast, we believe that agents of all levels should have accessible education during this difficult time. So, we’re opening the doors to Rental Beast University, our interactive online education platform for all agents for free.

With Rental Beast University, you can chose from a selection of on-demand webinar courses with proven records of success. Courses include crucial topics including rental best practices, social media skills, and converting renters to buyers.

5. Online Applications Engines


Have you taken your rental applications digital? This is not only a great solution for these times when staying contact-free and paper-free is important, but also a great way to ensure that your applications run smoothly and quickly during any part of the year!

We’re pleased to announce that Apply Now by Rental Beast is lightning fast, 100% online, and totally free for real estate agents. With credit scores processed instantly, and viewable only to designated reviewers in a secure portal, Apply Now gets your client into their apartment and your commission in your hands at lightning speed.

6. Up Your Digital Marketing Game by Building an authentic and modern social media presence.

There’s many new tech solutions for real estate agents; however, now’s also a great time to make sure you’re well acquainted with tech. Make sure that your digital marketing game is strong and you’re projecting a professional image to your all of your clients.

Take some time to make sure that your social presence is strong and consistent. Looking for a starting point? Check out suite of educational content:

4 LinkedIn Tips You Need to Know
Facebook For Real Estate Agents: 5 Essential Tips 
How Many Hashtags to Use and 6 Other Instagram Tips For Real Estate Agents 
7 Mistakes Agents Make on Twitter: Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Get up to speed on how you can craft a presence that feels authentic and will generate the leads your business needs to succeed. If you don’t trust yourself to post with any degree of frequency, online posting tools like Loomly, HootSuite (and more!) can help you make sure all your content is ready to be posted!

We know that much of your business has been affected by The Coronavirus, and will continue to be affected by its spread and the necessary limits places on public life. These Tech Solutions for Real Estate Agents will hopefully help shoulder much of the burden and help you carry on. Rental Beast is a platform built by agents for agents, and our real estate experts understand how stressful times of uncertainty can be for real estate professionals all around the country. Agents are using rentals to help clients who need to move We stand ready to help you grow your business, and carry on.

Learn more at Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents

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