Conveying Your Value to a Lead


We don’t need to remind you why real estate agents are a crucial part of the home buying and rental process! But, as you buckle down and generate leads during these challenging times, get ready to explain to your lead why a real estate agent is a powerful ally. Scroll down to see 6 important reasons to highlight when you are conveying your value to a lead.

Conveying Your Value to a Lead

1. If you’re working with renters, when they’re ready to buy a home, you’re only one call away!

Are you building rentals into your business plan? Here at Rental Beast, we think that’s a smart idea. According to a March 18-26th survey conducted by RentCafe, 56% of renters plan to move once they’ve found the right apartment, while only 8% report that they’ve completely stopped looking for an new unit.

And, thousands of Americans who stalled their homeownership plans because of COVID-19 have shifted gears to rent an apartment. It’s tough to change course, and a real estate agent can help clients do so seamlessly. And, once your renter’s ready to hop back on the homeownership train, remind them that you can help guide them through the difficult process of buying a first home (or, any type of home, for that matter!) For real estate agents, business is personal, and you’ll be one call away when your client’s ready to buy a new home.

2. Renal Estate Agents can give client the scoop on what units and homes really look like

It can be tough to understand what a unit really looks like. Is the master bedroom really that big? Is that a dishwasher in the kitchen? While clients may go on a virtual showing, or check out photos online, they’ll face disappointment if images end up being misleading. Real estate agents have, often, been inside the apartments that their leads want to check out, and can give an unbiased, honest assessment. Also, many real estate agents may have even placed a tenant inside the apartment and can let clients in on specific things that residents like and dislike about their living spaces.

3. Real Estate Agents are trusted advisors

Make sure that your lead knows that a real estate agent is on the client’s side, not the landlord’s or property owner’s. Real estate agents have spent lots of time time growing their knowledge, and are ready to give their clients expert, informed advice on market conditions and the best negotiation techniques. If you have a client new to renting and feel overwhelmed by the leasing-signing process, let them know that a real estate agent can guide them through the intricacies of a lease with ease.

4. Real Estate Agents are local experts. 

This is what we think really sets one real estate agent apart from the next. Real estate agents do much more than choose a home that fits their clients’ lifestyle (Although, you’re great at doing that, too!) Real estate is conducted a street wide level, and, with lock-downs and stay-at-home orders sweeping across the nation, if a client is not familiar with the part of town (the city, or even the whole state!) That they’re about to move to, your on-the-ground expert advice will be invaluable. Yes, GoogleMaps might give a client a great overview of a neighborhood, but nothing beats good experience. Make sure your clients know that they can trust a real estate agent to give them the inside scoop on everything from the best local cafes to how painful a morning commute might be, to how safe the neighborhood is at night. Your local expertise is your biggest weapon. Make sure to use it! 

5. Tech Tools at An Agent’s (and, therefore, their Client’s) Disposal

Make sure your client knows that real estate agents have access to a whole suite of tech tools to simplify the leasing process–contact-free! These include virtual showing tools, online application tools, and expended searching capacity. And, a real estate agent expert is always one phone call or one Skype call away for an in-depth discussion about the intricacies of a lease.

7 Tech Tools Agents Can Use to Adapt

If you’ve spent any time searching for an apartment, you probably know how tricky it is to find a database with a comprehensive list of rental units! Rental Beast allows agents have exclusive access to properties sourced directly from property owners and smaller landlords, as well as apartment listings only they can view on their local MLS.

Search through our rental beast database to check out some exclusive listings, and fill out an interest form to be connected to a real estate expert who can help.

6. Virtual Showing and Walk Through Know-How!

Moving is a big deal—checking out photos online doesn’t cut it. But, when a client can’t experience a real-life showing, real estate agents can lead them through a virtual showing to talk through the features and amenities of the apartment, and the neighborhood.

If you have a client who is interested in checking out a vacant apartment (and leaving your house doesn’t violate any local or state order in your area) you can lead walk-throughs of vacant apartments and send your client in-depth videos so the client will be able to see the apartment in real time (or close to real time) and imagine their furniture and life in a new home.

Real estate agents are conveying their value to leads, and helping clients who need to move find the right places. Rental Beast is a platform built by agents for agents, and our real estate experts understand how stressful times of uncertainty can be for real estate professionals all around the country. We stand ready to help you grow your business, and carry on. Learn more at Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents

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