Tracking and Managing Landlord Clients

Agents using Rental Beast can use our Landlord Clients tab to keep track of existing landlord clients and ensure that there are no upcoming vacancies or newly acquired units missed. 

Adding a Landlord Client

Keeping an organized list of your existing landlord client base will ensure you never miss any upcoming vacancies, newly acquired properties, or specific meeting notes from past interactions. Once you add a landlord client, you can easily track contact information, doors under management, and recent client communications.

Step by step:

  1. Log into Rental Beast (
  2. Click “Clients”
  3. Click on “Landlord Clients List”
  4. Use the “Quick Add” tool or hit “+New Client” to get started

Top Agent Tips:

Add any landlord or investor you come in contact with to your Landlord Clients List, even if they don’t have any current vacancies. Keep notes of when their leases will be expiring so you can reach out before a vacancy occurs. 

Adding a Property Card

Use the property card tool to keep information on the properties owned by a landlord client. This will help you keep tabs on upcoming leases and record any specific property notes. You can always go back end edit a property card by clicking on the desired property card. 

Step By Step:

  1. Log into Rental Beast (
  2. Click “Clients”
  3. Click on “Landlord Clients List”
  4. Select the desired landlord client
  5. Click on “+Add a Property Card”
  6. Enter property information
  7. Click “Submit”

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