How to Initiate an Application

Almost all online rental applications connect the renter directly with the landlord, completely removing a real estate agent from the transaction. We decided to change this, so we built our own online rental application from scratch putting the agent at the center of the transaction. Additionally, our online rental application tool is completely FCRA compliant. 

Best part? It’s free for agents and landlords! The applicant pays the cost of filling out an application and typically, this fee ranges between $45 and $80 depending on the partner. If the initial application is denied, the applicant can use that same application an unlimited number of times for the next 30 days.


Initiating an Application

Initiating and application is easy. Just log into Rental Beast, access your Application dashboard and initiate an application.

Step by Step:

  1. Log into Rental Beast (
  2. Click the “Applications” tab. You are now on your Application dashboard. 
  3. Click “Initiate an Application”.
  4. Input needed information and click “Submit Application”.
  5. Come back to the “Applications” tab to track the progress of the application.


Keeping Up-To-Date with an Application

As an agent, your job is not done once you initiate an application, you should be following along with the entire application process contacting any party that is holding up the application. Use your Application dashboard to be kept up-to-date of the applications progress.

Step by Step:

  1. Log into Rental Beast (
  2. Click the “Applications” tab. You are now on your Application dashboard. 
  3. When viewing the desired application, look to the right side of the screen to see the status of the application.
  4. If needed, contact the party holding up the application.

For more information, check out our Apply Now FAQ’s page.


Receiving Applications Through Your Link URL

Renting out your exclusive rental listings just got a lot easier! Every Rental Beast subscribed agent has access to their own personal rental listing website through which they can market their exclusive rental listings and intake rental applications online. 

Step by step:

  1. Log into Rental Beast (
  2. Click on “Settings”.
  3. Scroll down to “Link URL Listing Display Settings”
  4. Click “Configure Visible Listings”, then “Show only active listing my MyListing Tab” and finally “Enable Apply-Now on my listings on my branded portal.”

For more information on how to use and access your Link URL, click here.


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