Rental Beast Testimonials

“Hello, my name is Ma Gracia (Grace) Cadet. I would like to share a few things that benefited me when I started using Rental Beast as one of my search platforms. It gave me a wider range of property to search that are sometimes not in MLS…
The Boot Camp course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. The support they provide during the education process has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise to help me gain clients and close deals.
But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with the instructors that review the work I submitted. The education modules Rental Beast have gave me the confidence to implement new techniques on how to prospect, plan my day and gain clients and getting referrals as well.”

-Grace Cadet
C21 Tenace

“I closed my first rental transaction for my first client which came from a Rental Beast lead. He had been struggling to find a rental and I took him to a few different places and advocated for him to the owners. He said when he is looking for his next apartment he will contact me! I also completed the Boot Camp course where I learned to use the system and post listings online, which was very valuable since I’m not a millennial! I would like to give a BIG shout out to the [Rental Beast Support] chat room people who provide “real time” answers, very valuable asset.”

-Silvana Martin-Morillo

“I have hesitated to post listings to social media, but with Rental Beast it was clear how to do it and now I’m on LinkedIn and Instagram as a business. My first post on Instagram was a sale that is going to close on Wednesday. When I posted that sale, one of my friends contacted me with a referral. Due to what I was doing with Rental Beast it got me in touch with someone who is a potential buyer! I wouldn’t have taken the time to do it if it wasn’t for the Boot Camp program. New Agent Boot Camp is an excellent program!”

-Lori Nye
Fox & Roach

“I really enjoyed every bit of what Rental Beast University had to offer me.  This was a very valuable tool, with a wealth of information for me to use in my future Real Estate transactions. “

-Sonya Johnson
Long and Foster

Rental Beast Boot Camp is an excellent way to jump into the rental market – which can be a source of Buyers down the road! Rentals are a great way for newer agents to:

1) Learn the inventory

2) Get comfortable with showing properties (scheduling appointments, planning a showing itinerary, operating the lockboxes and key cards, becoming comfortable with the paperwork involved

3) Practice scripts for converting leads into clients

4) Learning how to build repeat and referral customers.

 Rental Beast Boot Camp is also great at helping you treat your real estate business like a business – a money making business!  The mentors and coaches are hands on and have “been there and done that” – they are here to help you succeed!

 I recommend Rental Beast Boot Camp to anyone who is new to rentals and/or is serious about taking their business to new sources of revenue streams with rentals.”

-Susan Batchelder
Long and Foster

“I have been an agent for a year and a half. I signed up with Rental Beast last year but I did not know much about it, and did not do much with it.

I decided to take the Rental Beast Boot Camp to jump start the rental side of my business. Helping clients rent homes today with the possibility of helping them buy homes in the future.

The Rental Beast Boot Camp takes agents through the rental process from lead generation to after the lease signing. You do real world exercises and scenarios to prepare you to work with actual clients. I definitely recommend the Rental Beast Boot Camp to any agent interested in helping clients with rental properties.

Thank you Rental Beast!”

-Jacqui Hunter
Long and Foster

“[New Agent Boot Camp]
a great process that held me accountable and helped push me to learn about Rental Beast more.”

-David R.
Century 21

“[New Agent Boot Camp] helped fill in the gap of fundamentals [on] how to organize myself, training that I wished I’d received during my initial orientation and training as a new RE agent. It also provided an ongoing opportunity to connect with my coach and daily goals. My mentor is too busy for this level of intense interaction at present, so this program is a wonderful compliment to the great mentoring I already receive from several leaders within my office.

I have worked with my first four clients as a REALTOR just in the last week. This Boot Camp program has greatly surpassed my expectations and is already delivering results!”

Suzanne H.
Long and Foster

How did Boot Camp help you to close your deal?

“The evaluation process before an initial meeting is important. Asking the right questions, clarifying wants can save time and energy. During Boot Camp we discussed the Q & A process that is important to have before an initial meeting. Letting the buyer know what is expected of them and what you intend to do for them will ensure things go smoother.”

Carla L.
Berkshire Hathaway

How did Rental Beast help you close your deal?

“Obtaining warm leads through Rental Beast takes the time out of looking for good leads. Usually buyers are ready and know what they want when the lead comes through Rental Beast. With the use of Rental Beast I am able to cut my search time and home tours to 1-2 showings.”

Carla L.
Berkshire Hathaway

(My) lead came from Rental Beast. The tenants will be buying after this lease has ended! (Throughout new Rental Beast Boot Camp) I was shown how the portal worked and how I can further help my clients.

Julie H.
Long & Foster

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Rental Beast.

On Saturday February 3, 2018, I closed my first real estate transaction thanks to a lead from Rental Beast. As a Nurse and now a new Realtor, I get to help people with two of the most important aspects of human life; health and shelter.

My client was in a time crunch, and after just looking at one other home for rent, he decided that (a property) Easton was just right for him and his family.  I do plan on staying in touch with (him) and help him on his journey to home ownership!”  

Thanks so much,

Denise M. W.

“I sign up for a lot of floor opportunity time in my office, so I handle a lot of rental assistance requests, but haven’t had many well qualified or serious callers. I was introduced to the Rental Beast program when I attended training.

I’m truly impressed by my experience with the Rental Beast program – the training was extremely detailed and the brochure, online training videos, and customer service call center provide excellent assistance when I’m stumped on proceeding with a referral. I’m delighted that I received my first referral the next day and have received a good many referrals in the subsequent two weeks.

I’m excited by the program and look forward to many successful transactions. Thanks for this excellent real estate program.”

Julie G.

Rental Beast is an excellent addition to our firm. Agents fortunate enough to use and work with Rental Beast will be won over by its straightforward clarity, information provided and, saving the best for last, their personnel. They have two of the best I have ever worked with, Jennifer Vollmer and Brittany Thomas.

All I can say is: Thank You!”

Neville H.

“I think that Rental Beast is fantastic. The program offers up great opportunity to make more money in rentals with real quality leads. The program also introduces a new way to speak and interact with prospects and clients who want to know more about listings outside the MLS. It is a fresh, out-of-the-box way to speak to a wider audience of potential clients, including new renters, current home owners, and first-time buyers. In fact, I just had my third Rental Beast lead on a home-purchase today!”

–Loretta G.

“The Rental Beast system has been a key part of my success as a new agent. It consistently generates very well qualified leads for me, resulting in signed leases for clients who I will continue to work with when they go on to buy a home.”

–Jon B.

“Helping to generating leads is always appreciated, but the part I valued most about Rental Beast is helping new agents navigate the in’s and out’s of the rental deal.”

–Bob M.

“Thank you for opening up doors for more ways to both generate income, and receive training and support.”

–Adam J.

“Within a few days of completing my Rental Beast training, I received a serious, qualified lead in one of my coverage areas. Tenants decided on a unit and signed the lease in a very reasonable amount of time. I look forward to picking up more leads!”

–Michelle L.

“There is a lot of useful information in this boot camp. It is not only useful for rentals but for sales as well. The course offers good advice on generating leads, posting on social media, preparing letters to the Sphere of Influence, responding to leads and handling objections. The course has also helped me communicate more effectively with clients. It has a good balance between learning sessions and quizzes. I especially like the videos it provides. I would definitely recommend it to other real estate agents.”

-May Geadah
Long and Foster

“Overall, I think this is a great platform to get you started on what needs to be done. It is just the right amount to produce the results you want and more. It makes me consider other avenues that I can use with not only rental clients but also buyers and sellers.”

-Harumi Walters
Fox & Roach

“ I’ve closed three deals since participating in the Rental Beast Boot Camp! I started off slowly while I was learning the RentalBeast procedures but in the last two weeks I’ve closed three deals! The first lead needed to rent quickly and we were able to find a rental in the Rental Beast Database that was exactly what they were looking for. It was a lead that came from RentalBeast and inventory that also was listed in the Rental Beast Broker Portal. I also rented my MLS Listing to a client that inquired through the Rental Beast. And just today, I have a client that I showed 1 property to and they rented! It was a Rental Beast lead that knew what they wanted! Thank you Rental Beast for helping me get off to a fast start with my rental business! I can’t wait to be even busier in the months to come!”

-Santa Poddar
C21 Commonwealth

“Rental Beast University is a great online class and I learned immense deep information as well as had an excellent, helpful mentor.. The course is very interesting, challenging and will help me to open up my future route. I thank you for your unlimited help.”

-Yohnnes Denboba
Long & Foster

“Rental Beast University is very helpful and an excellent introduction to the software. It really prepared me to start helping clients with their rentals.”

-Eric Romig
Long & Foster

“Rental Beast Boot camp is easy to navigate. The quizes, scenarios, and quick feedback after my assignments from the coach is great! I know it will help prepare me to kick off my career in real estate.”

-Kyle Tener
Long & Foster

“My favorite part of Boot Camp is the interactive responses from my coach. Super helpful and really clarified the problem at hand by offering solutions and real life scenarios. Its a great way to prepare for a rental contract. It also gave me the opportunity to work with my manager and mentor in the office.”

-Sendi-Joy Amaya
Long & Foster

“After taking Boot Camp, I have a much better understanding of how to explain to my clients how I get paid. I also learned how to do the application and lease process. I think by applying what I learned from the Boot Camp I will be even better at closing the deal and I now have qualification questions to help me weed out people I may not want to work with.”

-Naishia Holbrook-Smith
Long & Foster