Setting Up a Showing… Tenant

Why should a tenant use an agent right now?

That’s easy… agents are an unbiased source and you have access to the Rental Beast listings database behind you, so if they don’t like the first property they see virtually, you have access to many more.

You are an unbiased source:

Currently, property owners are doing everything they can to rent out vacant units. Does it sound like they’ll be completely unbiased? Probably not. Make sure your client knows that an agent just want to ensure that your client finds the rental that fits their needs.

Access to Rental Beast’s listings database:

Rental Beast is a powerful tool! You have access to a rental listings database that is designed to keep you informed of any current specials (clients love this!), virtual showing instructions with “How To” guides for your less tech savvy client’s, and a host of other properties if your client does like the first one they virtually see.


Setting up a showing

  1. Work with your client to figure out what their schedule is like and when they can virtually meet to see a property. You and your client will not be traveling to each property, so you should be able to virtually tour  a few properties within an hour.
  2. Once you have your client’s schedule, set up the virtual showing time with each property. Check out our Setting up a showing… Property guide on how to do this. Pro Tip: If desired properties use different technical methods to virtually see the property, try to group the properties by technology method to make the showing easier!
  3. Schedule a call with your client to review the showing schedule and discuss any technology they need to have installed.

Example phone call with a client to review the showing schedule:

Agent: So we are scheduled to virtually see properties one and two at 10 and 10:15am tomorrow. The showing will be done over Skype, have you used that before?

Client: No I have not. I’m not the most tech savvy!

Agent: “No problem! I totally understand. I will send you over a “Skype: How-To Guide” shortly which will show you how to download in preparation for the showing.”

Client: “That would be great, thanks!”

Agent: “No problem at all. We will then see property three and four at 11am and 11:15am which will be done over FaceTime, which I know you have since we are talking over it now!”

Check out our Virtual Showings Technology Guide to see what tech works best for you. We have included sendable “How To”  guides for less tech savvy clients. Keep in mind that you need to use this for a less tech savvy private landlord or investor!


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