Posting to Social Media with Rental Beast

Agents and Rental Beast staff can now share “Rental Beast Reviewed” listings on Facebook, Twitter, and CraigsList with the push of a button!

Shared Listing links will be the same as those clients/customers had already been able to share via Email.

The Tutorial below will guide you through the process.

  1. Select your requirements and location in the Broker Portal to bring up our listings in your preferred VIEW (List View, Detail View or Map View). Remember: Only Rental Beast Reviewed listings are able to be shared.

    Rental Beast Reviewed listings appear with a Red Check Mark in “List View”
  2. On the right-hand side of the listing, you’ll find the SHARE button. Clicking this button gives you a dropdown menu with the choices of Facebook, Twitter, and CraigsList.
    Share Button in “List View”

    Alternatively, clicking the Listing itself will bring up the “Listing Details” window, where the SHARE button appears like this:

    Share Button in “Listing Details”

  3. We’ll start with the Facebook posting instructions. If you are not signed in to Facebook, you will be prompted to do so. Once you are signed in, you will get this prompt:1
  4. Click “Continue As (Your Name)” and you will receive the Privacy Prompt:1
  5. 2If you’re concerned about Social Media Privacy, the Drop Down menu allows you to choose whether you want your Rental Beast post to be seen by everyone or just your friends. Once you click OK, the apartment listing will be posted to your Facebook Timeline and appear like this:

    After this first Rental Beast post, you will no longer be prompted with multiple approval screens
  6. Posting on Twitter via the Broker Portal is a bit different. When you click on Twitter from the SHARE drop-down menu, you will receive this pop-up:

    Click the Authorization Link to get your unique ID Code
  7. If you are not signed in to Twitter, you will be prompted to do so. If you are already signed in, you will be asked to Authorize the Rental Beast application.

    Click Authorize App to get your Rental Beast Broker Portal Code
  8. After clicking Authorize, you will receive another pop-up with your unique Rental Beast Broker Portal code.1
  9. Copy & Paste or manually type your 7-Digit Code into the previous field.

    Once you have entered your unique Rental Beast Broker Portal code, click Authorize and Post
  10. 3You will have 30 minutes in between receiving your unqiue code and authorizing your post, or the application will reset. Your unique 7-digit code is only valid in the same browser window that you clicked SHARE originally.Once you have clicked Authorize and Post, your listing will appear on your Twitter Timeline like this:

    After completing this process, you will be able to post future listings to Twitter with one easy click.
  11. Lastly, posting to CraigsList is even more straightforward. Clicking on CraigsList will provide you with a simple HTML Code for the listing.

    HTML Code may be used on any personal website as well as CraigsList
  12. Simply Copy & Paste this code into the CraigsList description. You will have to manually enter Posting Title and all additional details.

    You will be prompted to add Map Location and Pictures which are both optional.
  13. CraigsList will show you an Unpublished Draft of your listing. Review all details, and then simply click “Publish” and you’re done!1


That concludes the SHARING tutorial for Rental Beast Reviewed listings!

For any additional information, feel free to Contact Us, or reach out via Twitter (@RentalBeast) or Facebook.