Virtual Showings Technology Guide

Overview of Services

If you need to chat in real-time with 1-2 people use…

  1. FaceTime (if all parties have Apple devices)
  2. Google Meet
  3. Zoom

If you need to chat in real-time with more than 2 people

  1. Google Meet
  2. Zoom
  3. Skype



How to start using?

  1. FaceTime comes on all Apple devices and does not need to be installed. 
  2. Search for the FaceTime app by looking for the  FaceTime  icon
  3. You are ready to FaceTime with someone!

How to start using with a client:

  1. Ensure your client has an Apple device
  2. On your apple device, under “Contacts” find the person you want to FaceTime
  3. Open their contact and click the “Video” icon
  4. The default setting is for the camera to show you. If you would like to change the camera angle click “Flip”
    1. Top Agent Tip: “Flipping” the camera is extremely useful for virtual showings

Client Guide: FaceTime



How to install:

  1. Head to 
  2. Hit the “Sign Up, It’s Free” button on the top right corner of the screen
  3. Input your work email address. You will be sent a confirmation email. Click “Activate Account”
  4. Progress through the sign-up screens through the “Test Meeting” to finish your account setup.
  5. For audio, you can either use your device’s microphone or you can dial into the conference line which is provided on the screen
  6. For Video, you can hit “Start Video” button the bottom left of the screen

How to start using with a client:

  1. Head to and Sign In
  2. To start a meeting, hit “Host a Meeting” then select “With Video On”
  3. To invite a client, hit the “Invite Button” select, “Copy Url” and you can email/text the meeting invitation
  4. To share your screen hit the green “Share” icon on the bottom middle of the page

Client Guide: Zoom



How to install:

If on a Computer

    1. Head to
    2. Hit “download Skype” from middle of screen
    3. Follow the onscreen instructions to download Skype.

If on a Mobile Device

    1. Head to your mobile devices app store and search for “Skype”
    2. Select “get” and follow the onscreen instructions

How to start using:

  1. Hit “Let’s Go”
  2. Hit “Sign in or create”
  3. If you have a prior Skype account, you can sign-in now. If not hit “No account? Create one!” and follow the instructions
  4. Skype will ask for permission to your microphone / camera which you should allow

How to start using with a client:

  1. Once you are signed in and want to “meet” with a client, click the “Meet Now” or the Skype icon icon
  2. You will then be brought to your “meeting room”, where you can easily “share invite” and email/text your client the “Join Conversation” link
  3. Send your client the below “Skype Instructions for Client” for instructions on how to setup Skype if they have not used before

Client Guide: Skype


Google Meet

How to start using with a client:

  1. Sign-in or create a gmail account
  2. To access Google Meet hit the  Google Meet Icon  icon and select the  Google Meet Logo
  3. Hit “Join or start meeting”, enter a “meeting name”, click “continue”, then “join now”
  4. You can then invite your client by copying the “Joining Info” and email/texting to your client
    1. To find the “Joining Info”, click the meeting name on the bottom left side of screen
  5. To share your screen, click “Present Now”

Client Guide: Google Meet