Claiming Your Rental Website

Your Link URL is a rental search website that is specific to you, and only you. This is a public facing rental search page that helps you market your rental listings to potential tenant or share available rental inventory to generate leads. Here’s a preview of a Link URL.

Accessing Your Link URL

Access your Link URL in your Settings tab. Once you have copied the Link URL, you can link it on highly visible client communication mediums, such as your email signature, Facebook Business Page, or your real estate website.

Step by step:

  1. Log into Rental Beast (
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. Scroll down the “Settings” until you see “Link URL”
  4. Copy the “Link URL” and you are ready to use

Using Your Link URL

The Link URL is has two main use cases:

  1. Passive lead generation. Add the Link URL in your email signature, link to it from your social media accounts or create a redirect from your main customer website.
  2. Cast a wide lead generation net and send the Link URL direct to any client you are working with. Let them know to favorite any listings that fit their criteria. You will be alerted of their favorites!

Stay on top of your clients’ actions! Once the customer has signed up as a lead, any actions they take on your Link URL will show as activity under your Client Activity Hub. This means any action a customer does, such as requesting a showing, favoriting a listing, or sharing with friends, will be sent to you as an alert.

Check out our Tracking and Managing Renter Clients help article for more information on the Client Activity Hub.

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