Chicago Properties with Virtual Showings

Agents A-Z Guide to Virtual Rental Transactions

What are these properties?

Rental Beast is compiling the most up-to-date list of properties that are utilizing virtual showings to continue renting their vacant units and are paying a commission to agents.

How do these properties help me?

People still need to move and in these current market conditions they are predominately choosing to rent instead of buy. You can use these listings to find a current client of yours a rental or learn how to market these listings out to your sphere of influence to generate leads.

How do I find these listings in Rental Beast?

  1. Click on the “Search” tab
  2. Hit “Search by” and select, “Specific Address”. Type in the address exactly as seen.
  3. A box with the address auto-populated will appear, select that then hit “Search”

Use the search bar search by a specific city, or a certain commission!