Apartment Lease Agreement Explained

Reading contracts or important documents can get confusing. Most times, people mistake scanning and signing the document without understanding what they are signing. Unfortunately, this is a terms and conditions legally enforceable agreement that may land you in a wrong spot if not followed. Don’t get stuck in a predicament; take your time to read, … More Apartment Lease Agreement Explained

Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start

Learning in-the-field rental best practices and strategies is almost impossible without the aid of a veteran real estate mentor, or in-depth rental training from your brokerage. Thankfully, with Rental Beast, you get access to our premiere, fully online, rental training education–Rental Beast University.  The cornerstone of Rental Beast University is our Boot Camp: Rentals Fast … More Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start

Top 6 Experienced Agent Traps

The majority of agents who join Rental Beast have multiple years of real estate experience, but they almost always have exclusively worked with for-sale transactions. The good news: these agents are comfortable working with clients and have a strong understanding of how to generate business, progress a deal, and close.  The not-so-good news: the rental transaction is … More Top 6 Experienced Agent Traps