Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start

Learning in-the-field rental best practices and strategies is almost impossible without the aid of a veteran real estate mentor, or in-depth rental training from your brokerage. Thankfully, with Rental Beast, you get access to our premiere, fully online, rental training education–Rental Beast University. 

The cornerstone of Rental Beast University is our Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start. It is an online, multi-lesson course that will teach agents without much rental experience how to close rental transactions. Every agent who enrolls in Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start will also get expert one-on-one coaching from a veteran real estate coach, who is there to help you do one thing: close rental deals.

After Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start, you will become an expert at:

  • Lead management, lead response, and explaining agent’s value to a lead.
  • Qualifying a lead and converting them to a client.
  • Overcoming client objections, setting up showing strategies, and showing next practices.
  • Moving the client to the application/lease part of the rental process.      
  • Common renter scenarios and best practices for addressing them.
  • Lease preparation and post-lease interactions.
  • Social media presence to grow your business.

Enrolling in Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start

You can enroll in Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start by accessing Rental Beast University direct from your Rental Beast portal. 

Step by step:

  1. Log into Rental Beast (
  2. Click the “Education” tab.
  3. A new Rental Beast University tab will open on your browser. If it does not, check your pop-up blocker. 
  4. Near the top left of your screen, click “Dashboard” and select “Catalog” from the drop down menu.
  5. Find the course labeled “Boot Camp: Rentals Fast Start” and click “Enroll”.
  6. You are now enrolled!


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