Make the Most of Any Rental Unit: Property Upgrades and Maintenance

The key to maintaining a profitable rental unit can often time come down to maintaining and upgrading wisely. While some in-unit changes likely aren’t worth the money, many are. Often times, investing more initially will pay off over the long run. Here is a list of recommended changes and best practices that won’t break the … More Make the Most of Any Rental Unit: Property Upgrades and Maintenance

Private Owner Perspective: Why List Through An Agent?

There are quite a few steps typically required for any private landlord to procure a quality tenant: marketing, conducting showings, screening tenants, and preparing lease documents, among others. While seasoned private landlords might even enjoy the aforementioned processes, many landlords would simply prefer their unit be rented in a timely manner by a high-quality tenant. … More Private Owner Perspective: Why List Through An Agent?

Managing Applications Online

Long gone are the days of multiple hard-copy applications and burdensome, time-consuming vetting processes. Multiple online services have now made the application process a breeze for landlords. The top benefits of managing applications online: Generate More Applicants Online applications are easily shareable and can be posted on a multitude of social media channels. Connect with … More Managing Applications Online

An Introduction to the FFHA and ADA

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Who’s ready for a brief history lesson on two historic acts of legislation that affect both renters and landlords all across America? The United States Government has created multiple pieces of legislation that protect consumers from unlawful discrimination. This article will introduce, and briefly touch on, how The Federal Fair … More An Introduction to the FFHA and ADA

Concessions on the rise

Concessions are not typically at the top of any hopeful renter’s list of criteria. With both the quantity and quality of concessions increasing nationally, most renters critically underestimate the value and prevalence of these available benefits. Concessions may include, but are not limited to, a free month’s rent, lowered security deposits and lowered monthly payments … More Concessions on the rise