Step 6. Post Lease Activity

Post Lease Action Items

Congratulations on getting it done! Here is a checklist of things to do before you move on to the next deal:

  1. Make sure you get paid! Depending on the type of owner you worked with (private owner, management company, etc.), there may be different steps to invoice for payment. Also, common practices may vary by location. If your brokerage does not handle collection of fees, it is good practice to invoice the owner and have a follow-up plan in place to make sure you get your check!
  2. Future business. You have just helped someone find a home. AND, you have just helped an owner bring value to their investment.
    1. Make sure you have a contact plan in place to stay in touch with the renter. Agents who have follow-up plans report converting almost 30% of their rental clients into eventual buyers!
    2. Reach out to the owner and make sure they know you can help with any additional needs. Especially if you were dealing with a private owner, as they may need help with other investment properties or their primary residence.


Key Message

You just helped your client find a home and you helped an owner fill a vacancy! Great job! Make sure you take the opportunity to ask for more business. Your client should know that you would love to help anyone they know who is looking for a home; the owner should know you can help finally any additional vacancies they have.


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