As renters, landlords, and real estate agents ourselves we knew that the process of listing and finding rental properties was much more painful than it should be. Listings were scattered across multiple sites, they weren’t up to date, many were incomplete, many were simply fake – the rental market needed a comprehensive, reliable, and technologically advanced multiple listings service. So we built one, and it’s a beast.

Today, Rental Beast maintains the most comprehensive, most up to date database of rental listings in the country – giving everyone the superpowers they need to prevail against the market madness.

Dedicated to simplifying the rental market, Rental Beast connects landlords and property managers with highly qualified tenants through a network of hyper-local real estate experts. Rental Beast is modeled after multiple listing services (MLS) but for the rental market. With an online platform that has access to more than ten million listings, Rental Beast leverages the insights of knowledgeable local experts and a comprehensive database of the latest rental market data to ensure each tenant, landlord and real estate agent has access to the information they need to navigate and succeed in a competitive rental market. The company is based in Somerville, Massachusetts.