10 questions renters should ask when looking at properties

When searching for a rental, it’s important the property fit your budget, needs, and lifestyle. Asking questions is an easy way to do that! Here are 10 questions to ask next time you’re looking at a rental:

  1. What’s the monthly rent? This is the most basic question that every renter should ask. Make sure you know the exact amount and if there are any additional fees or charges based on the payment method (check, Venmo, bank transfer, etc.).
  2. What’s included in the rent? Sometimes, utilities, internet, or other amenities are included in the monthly rent. This will help you better budget and know what utilities and services need to be set up upon move-in.
  3. What’s the lease term? Find out the lease length options and the process for renewing or extending the term.
  4. Is there a security deposit? A security deposit may be one or two months’ rent so you must know that going into the lease as it can be quite an upfront financial cost. Additionally, ask what the requirements are for getting your deposit back in full.
  5. What’s the pet policy? Some properties may not allow pets, while others may have restrictions based on size or breed. Pet deposits and pet rent are becoming more and more common so keep that in mind with your budget as you search for a home.
  6. What are the parking options? Ask if there’s parking on site and if there’s an additional fee associated with it. Some apartment complexes charge as much as $100 per month to have a reserved parking spot.
  7. What’s the maintenance policy? If you’re renting a spot with a yard, ask who’s responsible for maintaining it. Find out about the maintenance request process: How do I submit a request, how long does it take to get addressed, etc.
  8. What’s the policy on subleasing? If you plan to sublease the property, make sure you ask about the policy and any restrictions that may apply. If you’re interested in leasing it to use as a short-term vacation rental, check your local policies.
  9. What’s the noise level like in the area? This is for the property owner’s benefit and yours. If the rental is in a sleepy neighborhood and your lifestyle tends to lean loud, consider a different place. If you enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, you probably don’t want to be in an area that has a lot of bars and restaurants around.
  10. What’s the neighborhood like? Last but not least, ask what the neighborhood vibe is! It’s important you live somewhere that you enjoy and that has characters that are appealing to you. Local logic’s integration with Rental Beast is a great way to see what’s near the rental.

By asking these 10 questions (and many more, this is not an exhaustive list), you can make an informed decision about whether or not to move forward with a particular property.

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