Insider Tips For A Quick Tip Turnaround

Tenants leaving rental apartment

Every landlord wishes that finding great tenants would be easier, keeping them stay even more manageable for a long time, and when it is time for a turnover, that would be easy. Unfortunately, that is but a dream. 

Getting a non-renewal notice from your tenants means they will not be renewing their lease, Which means sit is time to get your property ready for new tenants. 

As you begin to ready your rental unit, here are steps you can take to streamline the property turnover process, which will help you market your rental faster, save money and time. 


Knowing if your tenant will renew their lease will allow the turnover process to be a little more manageable. You can require a 60 days notice in the lease. If your lease is a month-to-month rent, tenants can be required to give you a 30 day. 


When a tenant moves out, you will need to inspect the unit for any maintenance issues that need to be addressed before new tenants move in. Doing maintenance, updates, and upgrades consistently will help prevent any further damages from occurring, and your unit stays with the trends. 


Although you have requested your tenants to return the key once the lease is up, they may have made a couple of duplicates, and therefore it is in your interest to change the locks. You want to make sure that the new tenants are moving in feeling safe and secure. 


You may consider repainting the unit since you are already doing upgrades and maintenance on the house. 

When it comes to painting the unit, consider new colors that help make your home feel better and look more upscale, including ditching carpeting. Having a wall used to be a selling point, but today, it is not. Carpets tend to be pricey and need to be replaced often; try to find a replacement that will be easier to replace in the future and easier to maintain not just for you but your tenants as well. 

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