What Should A Buyer Look For During a Final Walk-Through?


Your client has officially signed off on her first home, and she couldn’t be more excited, so you hand her the keys. Unfortunately, when she moves in, you find out several damages were not in the AOS, and the lights don’t work. 

Final walk-throughs give you a chance to take care of any matters before the closing. Most times, if you find something after the closing, it can be challenging to resolve, so you want to take your time when going through the place. 

Check List 

Here is a checklist you should have with you set you up for success on your final walk-through: 

  • Make sure everything that was supposed to take or leave is there or not there 
  • Make sure all of the appliances work (lights, water, outlets, etc.)  
  • Check floors, ceilings, and walls for any damages 
  • Check for any issues with plumbing (toilet, sink, drain, any water damages)
  • House is in the same condition you agreed on in the AOS 
  • Are the windows and doors in good condition? 
  • Make sure nothing new is broken 
  • Confirm that all inspections have been completed.

Too many homebuyers view final walk-throughs as an option, but it is not optional. Take your time and be diligent in the final steps before signing the paperwork. We know you are excited to finally move into your new home, and you are itching to get to the final stage.  Both buyers and sellers need to be aware of any issues during the final walk-through to help the process go smoothly. 


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