Video for Real Estate Agents: What To Do If You’re Camera Shy

Videos are great ways to connect with your audience, build trust, and establish a professional online presence. And, posting videos to YouTube is a totally free way to bring attention to your business, generate leads, and build reliability. But, if you’re camera shy, it can make it tough to create content. While you work on feeling more comfortable around the camera, don’t lose out on business! Check out these video tips for real estate agents.

Video for Real Estate Agents: What To Do If You’re Camera Shy

Create an Animated Version of Yourself

If sitting in front of a camera makes you sweat, try creating an animated version of yourself that can introduce house tours, discuss real estate knowledge, and engage your audience. Here are some starting places: Bitmoji downloads onto your phone and can let you place fun stickers of an animated version of yourself in introductions.

This is also great option for agents looking to add some lighthearted fun to their videos. An animated character can help you stay memorable in two ways–when your clients meets you in person or hops on a Zoom call with you, they’ll recognize your face, and you’ll be the real estate agent with cute animated videos!

Create a Podcast 

Speak up! If a lens makes you feel uncomfortable, how does a microphone make you feel? Instead go filming yourself talking about the neighborhood or breaking down top real estate trends, try breaking out a microphone and recording yourself instead. Upload everything into a weekly podcast that your clients can listen to as they cook dinner or sit in traffic.

Bring A Friend

Invite a co-pilot to help you stay calm. Have a real estate agent in your brokerage or team with lots of video experience? (If you’re not sure, ask around!) The two of you can trade opinions on the real estate market, your experience as an agent, and the top tips you’d like your clients to hear (Never assume the Zestimate is always right, renting isn’t always cheaper than buying in expensive cities, watch out for these red flags in your home search!) Having another agent or broker join you can boost your confidence, and can be a fun way to build each other’s real estate knowledge.

Write Some Blogs

Never underestimate the power of the written word. If you feel more comfortable typing on a laptop or writing in your notebook, consider creating a real estate blog where you can write down all your great ideas and send them to clients. Make sure to use some photos to keep your audience engaged. And, if you’re looking to really supercharge your business, consider reading up on some basic SEO skills to help get your blogs to pop on search.

Beat Your Fear With Practice, Practice, Practice!

The old standby remains ever relevant–practice makes perfect! Although, it’s OK for your videos to not be perfect at all. If you’re looking to get better at video, there’s no better way to improve than busting out your camera and rehearsing some videos. Give yourself a rough script (no need to follow it to the letter!), put on some professional clothing that makes you feel confident, and start filming some videos.

Study The Best!

Do you love a real estate agent’s video? Got a mentor at your brokerage who generates tons of leads with their awesome video series? Get in on the action! Ask them for some key tips and tricks to filming great videos, ask them to co-star in one of your videos, and watch how they work. Ask them if they were camera shy and how they got over it.  No need to reinvent the wheel–study your favorite real estate videos closely and try to create some of your own. Looking for top video producers? Get started with one of our favorite producers, Tom Ferry.

Remember–Don’t Stress The Human Moments!

It’s OK that your videos don’t have expensive production. It’s OK if you mess up once (or twice, or three times.) Your customers are people, too, and will relate experiencing a few human slip ups. Don’t let the fear of creating an imperfect video stop you from entering the game entirely!

Get More Social Media Tips

Once you’ve learn up on the top tips for video for real estate agents, learn how to harness the power of social media with free real estate lessons. Already a social media pro? Check out our on-demand webinars on the whole rental process, converting renters to buyers, on Rental Beast University.

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