Rental Beast Arrives in San Diego

We’re pleased to announce that Rental Beast is now active in San Diego! Rental Beast is the only SaaS platform simplifying the whole leasing process with a suite of powerful productivity tools an a database of over 8 million rental listings not found on any MLS. Since 2009, we’ve been helping real estate agents grow their business with rentals. Rental Beast is excited to arrive in California and show San Diego real estate agents how the Rental Beast platform can help grow their business with renters and build a solid pipeline of first time homebuyers.

Rental Beast Arrives in San Diego

The Nation’s Largest Database

Rental Beast is pleased to offer San Diego agents access to the largest, most comprehensive database of rental listings. Nationwide, we have access to over eight million apartment listings, with thousands in the San Diego region. Here’s how Rental Beast collects its data—we employ a “boots-on-the ground” approach, and contact property owners with open vacancies to list on Rental Beast. We use proprietary technology to update our listings in real-time, and we are in direct contact with landlords and property owners to ensure that all information is valid, up-to-date, and ready for use by real estate agents and their clients.

What’s Fulfillment Grade Data?

Fulfillment grade data is all the supporting data you give your client to help them make an informed decision on their housing. Rental Beast makes sure to collects all fulfillment grade information when adding listings to our database. Pet policies, parking policies, concessions like one month free rent–everything you need to know is easily accessible. And, fulfillment grade data is especially important when deals go digital. Without visiting the property, the more information you can give your client, the better.

What are no co-brokes?

Co-broking means that you must share available commission with a listing agent. No co-broke means these listings have no listing agent attached, and the agent who is able to fill the vacancy keeps all available commission. All Rental Beast listings are co-broke-free!

Read more about co-brokes: A Q&A On Co-Brokes

Full SaaS Platform

Sharpen Skills With Rental Beast University.

Continuing your real estate education can be costly and time-consuming. We offer agents of all levels education that works for you, on your own time. Gain new knowledge and sharpen real estate skills with self-paced bootcamps, hands-on expert coaching, and access to on-demand webinars. We cover hot real estate topics like social media skills and converting renters to homebuyers.

Build Strong Relationships With Clients Using Our CRM

Our powerful and customizable CRM is built to help agents foster stronger relationships with their clients. Agents can communicate with their clients, send listings, log client notes, and initiate automatic outreach schemes from a single, user-friendly portal.

Process Applications With Our Application Engine, Apply Now.

Apply Now is the only online rental application built to keep the agent informed and in charge. It’s FCRA-compliant, lightning-fast, and automatically notifies the real estate agent at every step of the transaction.

Dedicated Customer Support Specialist

Navigating a new platform can be tricky even for the most tech savvy. To help you on your journey to real estate success, we assign every Rental Beast agent a dedicated customer support specialist to walk you through the ins-and-outs of the Rental Beast platform. Our customer support specialists are on call for everything from quick fixes to large, strategic moves. Whether you’re a new agent looking to start your real estate journey or a seasoned agent looking to open additional revenue streams, we’re excited to have you at team Rental Beast!

Connecting San Diego Renters With Agents

Renting is growing in popularity across the country. A third of Americans, almost half of the US adult population, rent rather than buy homes; the rental market has $12 billion dollars in possible leasing commissions; 57% of all eventual buyers seriously considered renting, while 50% of all eventual renters considered buying. These numbers let us know that real estate agents can build solid relationships with current renters and future homebuyers.

We’re glad to be in San Diego! To learn more about the Rental Beast platform or to request a no-obligation demo visit Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents. 

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