Rental Beast Appears in The Wall Street Journal

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We are thrilled to see Rental Beast data and our CEO’s analysis appear in the Wall Street Journal’s, “Coronavirus is Sending Luxury Rental Markets on a Rollercoaster Ride” by Katy McLaughlin and Candace Taylor!

In McLaughlin’s and Taylor’s article, Ishay Grinberg, Rental Beast’s founder and CEO discusses the troublesome decline in searches for rental properties: “Boston is hurting, because colleges really drive people to move in and out of Boston…With campus plans in limbo, the Boston market is in a wait-and-see mode.”  

Click to read the full article: Coronavirus is Sending Luxury Rental Markets on a Rollercoaster Ride

Ready for more data? In May, Rental Beast released an comprehensive Data Report unpacking the rental market’s response to nationwide lockdowns. In it, we share unique and hyper-accurate data on changes in rental concessions and rental inquiries from February to April, and Ishay Grinberg offers expert analysis.

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