How Real Estate Agents Can Use Social Media to Get More Rental Leads


The best agents don’t wait for leads to come to them; they hustle hard to get the leads they need to succeed! And, in 2020, top producers are using social media in a meaningful way to capitalize on record-highest number of tuned-in Internet users and get qualified leads. Scroll down to see 7 trusted ways real estate agents can use social media to get more rental leads!

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1) Share Listings

Social Media to Get More Rental Leads
on Rental Beast, you can generate leads by sharing listings directly to your sphere of influence. All listings on Rental Beast are no co-broke attaches– all available commission goes to you!

Your Goal: Get the properties you represent in front of clients who are actively looking to rent

You should always vary what you post on your social media, and remember that your online presence should build your brand, establish you as a reliable source of knowledge for would-be clients, and drive leads. The best way to drive leads, though, is by sharing multiple listings, multiple times a day. Post a listing to use social media to get more rental leads. Chose a listing that you think your sphere of influence will respond well and craft a great caption that highlights the great features of this apartment. 

2) Start a Conversation with Your Story


Your Goal: Engage your clients 

Have you heard about the story feature on Instagram and Facebook? Stories are videos or posts that typically on your page–visible when you click your company’s icon–for 24 hours after you post them. On Instagram, you can opt to keep a story permanently on your profile. Stories make sure that you seem engaged and it’s a great way to call attention to a featured listing, a recent “win” for your or your team, or great testimonials from your eager client base.
Stories let your client base know that you are engaged, ready to chat, and an active real estate agent ready to make a difference in the lives of your clients. And, if you decide to keep one on your profile for an extended period of time, you can really drive home a message or showcase a listing you’d love to see occupied.  

3) Start a Conversation with A Live Webinar

Your Goal: Establish yourself as a thought leader, ready to give prudent advice to all your clients. 

Social Media to Get More Rental Leads


You can start–and lead–a conversation with a live webinar. Branching out into video content might seem a little bit stressful, and we understand. Staring at a lens, and the shouldering the daunting pressure to maintain the ambiguous ‘good’ view count are not easy things to do. Take some time to become accustomed to being on camera, and, remember that your viewers are eager to learn from you. At the end of the day, you can feel confident that a webinar will be a great way to share your knowledge with your clients and let them know what it means to have a dedicated real estate professional like you on their team. 

Seriously, What is A Good View Count, Though?

It won’t be easy to maintain a stand-out view count at the beginning. Remember, though, that even a small audience will appreciate your real estate expertise and can put into practice the advice you can give them on their next moves. Make sure that you record your webinar. And, later, post it on YouTube so its available to anybody searching for more information. 

Here’s a few suggestions for a Webinar:

Q&A: Field some questions for your audience a few days before your webinar and answer them on your Webinar. Partner with another agent that you trust to tap into both of your spheres and influence, and increase your confidence on camera. And, if no one is feeding you the answers that you want, no worries! Make up your own questions or ask a trusted real estate mentor to give you a few prompts.

Current Real Estate Trends: Is there an important real estate trend that you think your clients should know about? Think about sharing average home/apartment prices? 

4. Stay Active


Your Goal: Make sure clients know that you’re an active and knowledgeable real estate professional; attract leads by staying top of mind.

Staying active on social media will ensure that you stay top of mind with your clients and help you use social media to get more rental leads!. For Facebook and Instagram, experts recommend posting once a day to balancing driving engagement and. And, between posting your listings, your stories, and your webinars, it won’t be too tough. Make sure to carve out time from each day and follow your posting schedule!

5. Throw Your Followers a Like


Your Goal: You’re in the basis of relationships. Start creating strong ones online by interacting with your clients on social media. 

Interact with your followers by liking, following back, and even sharing some of the content that they produce. Of course, like things which might be relevant and stay aware of being creepy. If you’re thinking about your clients, think about liking only posts. 

You’ll stay top of mind, and

6. Host a Competition


Your Goal: get the contact information of followers. Engage your sphere with fun! 

Everyone loves FREE! Work together with some agents to host a get away! All of you can chip in for a hundred dollar gift card to Amazon, a local business, or tickets to a sports game. Then, post of Facebook or Instagram that you’ll be giving away this free prize to one lucky entrant. Leads and former clients can submit their name to try to score the prize, and you can add all names to a newsletter (of course, with an opt out button at the bottom).

7. Don’t Forget: Make Sure to Work for It

Social Media to Get More Rental Leads

The best agents work to drum up interest. We know that you hustle hard in person. You rock your showings and put your all into every interaction you have with your clients. So, take your hustle to social media and commit to a regular posting schedule and making the most out of every follower and post. 

Stuck on what listings you want to share on social media? Struggling to find no co-broke listings that will get you the commission you need to stay and succeed in the real estate industry? Rental Beast has the 60% of rental listings unavailable on your local MLS. All units are sourced directly from property owners and managers, and have no co-brokes attached.

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