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Happy new year, real estate agents! Last year, you were a pivotal decision maker, unending source of real estate wisdom, therapist, and trusted friend to hopeful renters, buyers, and sellers all across your neighborhood. Here’s to another successful year and your best decade yet! Because you know that having a great base of real estate knowledge is foundational, and reading up on current best practices is the best way to sharper your own best practices, you’ve been doing a lot of reading last year. Need a recap on what your fellow real estate agents have been learning? Check out the top 10 posts of last year and start 2020 with all the right knowledge you need to succeed. 

1. Why Rentals Matter Right Now

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No surprise to see our article about why every real estate agent should build rentals into their business top our top 10 posts of 2020! Real estate agents everywhere are working to capture the business of the over 50% of the US adult population who opts to rent their home instead of own it! We’ll summarize quickly: rentals move quickly, millennials are critical to the market, and can allow you to access a pipeline of first time homebuyers. Rental Beast helps real estate agents take advantage of rentals with the nation’s most comprehensive database of rental listings, a full CRM, and an easy and secure online rental application.

2. Renters Over 60 Set to Dominate the Market

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Renting not just for millennials. In 2035, Boomers are set to make up the lion’s share of renters. See why renters over 60 are skipping out on buying huge houses and opting to rent something smaller, flexible, and much better suited to their lifestyles. 

3. The Death of McMansions

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With renters over 50 set to dominate the rental market, older buyers aren’t so interested in huge homes anymore. And, while younger renters may be on the look-out for a smooth path to homeownership, they’re turning up their noses at McMansions, too. Why are big homes in sunbelt states going unoccupied, and what’s going to happen to all of these huge homes? 

4. The First Conversation: What to Say to a New Rental Lead, How to Say It

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Getting a new lead is a big deal—through some quality conversation, you’ll discover what type of apartment they’ll love, lead stand-out showings, guide them through the terms of a lease, get referrals, and guide them down a reliable path to homeownership. But, before you do all that, you always have to slow down and figure out if this client is someone you want to work with. And, if you decide that you want this lead to become a client, the agents ensure their clients know that you are the ally they need. Check out what you need to say to a rental lead. 

5. 6 Lead Qualification Questions You Need to Ask

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Is your lead prepared to become a client? Make sure that all the time you put into growing relationships with leads is worth your energy by asking the right qualification questions. 

6. 7 Huge Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make on YouTube

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Content is king, and no one can get enough of video content. Having a YouTube channel can be a fun way to interact with your sphere of influence and project a knowledgable and professional look to potential clients. However, if you’re not sure about how to create a fantastic YouTube channel, you might feel a bit out of your depth. No worries, Rental Beast’s got you. Check out these 7 huge mistakes real estate agents make on YouTube and make sure your video content hits the mark.

7. Why you should consider hiring an agent to find your next apartment

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Finding an apartment to rent is easy, right? With real estate portals (like Rental Beast!) prospective renters only need to surf the web and check out a few photos to decide the right place for them. But, finding a home can be harder than it seems. How about having a real estate professional in your corner, ready to assist you in finding the place best suited to your lifestyle at the right place in the right neighborhood. Check out all the benefits that come with hiring a dedicated real estate professional (or forward this article to a client who might be on the fence!) 

8. Most Real Estate Agents Don’t Know This About Millennials 

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It’s official: Millennials are taking over (In case you haven’t noticed the huge rise in popularity of avocado toast, millennial pink, and game changing activism.) And, Millennials want to rent. One in every three US adult is a Millennial, and they are three times more likely to rent than any prior generation. What do real estate agents need to know about the Millennial crowd? 

9. 3 Ways to Convert Renters to Buyers

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Here’s another great thing about working with renters– many renters also want to become homeowners, too. But, while you’ll have to wait a few years to welcome many renters into their new home, other times, the conversation about buying a house can happen from your first interaction. Learn 3 ways to convert renters to buyers, and get a home sales client from a rental lead.  

10. 7 Critical Real Estate Trends and What They Mean—Your August Update

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We know you like to know everything, but don’t have all the time in the world to prowl the internet, so this August we compiled the 7 critical real estate trends, and Check out these critical trends for August. 

August doing you no good? Check out our version for 2020:

6 Critical Real Estate Trends for 2020

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