10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Real Estate Agents

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Have you not started your Valentine’s Day shopping yet? Don’t worry. Rental Beast’s got your back. Real estate agents are great at picking homes, perfect neighborhoods, and helping their clients through complicated contracts. And, of course, they’re also great spouses, partners, friends, siblings, and parents! Got a real estate agent in your life that you want to spoil this Valentine’s Day? Want to treat yourself to something sweet? Check out Rental beast’s list of 10 gifts for the real estate agent in your life.

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1. Extra battery pack


If you haven’t realized already, real estate agents practically live on their phones. After all, it’s how they follow up with their clients, make showings, conduct their outreach schemes (and remind their spouses when they’ll be home for dinner, ect.) And, any real estate agent will tell you that nothing’s more annoying than that pesky “low battery” notification, especially when you’re out of the office! So, make sure your favorite real estate agent always has enough juice to last through their day with a portable phone charger. 

2. Extendable car phone holder


To work and from work… to a showing and from a showing…to an open house and form an open house… real estate agents spend a whole chunk of their time in the car, and a lot of that time plugging different in addresses into their GPS. Keep their navigation experience hands-free and super safe with an easy-to-install extendable cell phone holder. Check out some options on Amazon, at big department stores and tech stores for phone holders at unbeatable prices in many different colors. 

3. Personalized Coffee Mug


It might sound a bit generic, but who doesn’t love a great mug? This gift is perfect for the real estate agent who loves a coffee, or tea, or sipping on anything that gives them that little extra boost in the mid-afternoon (energy drinks? Soda? We don’t judge). And, a personalized mug is a stylish addition to any desk! A little bit of personalization goes a long way, too. Think of their favorite colors, patterns–even animals and TV shows!– and see if you can find something related. Or, personalize their gift with a their initials or full name is also a great way to show you thought extra-hard about your Valentine one. 

4. A Daily Reminder That They’re Your Favorite Real Estate Agent!


Looking to get some gifts for the real estate agents in your life who just can’t get enough of real estate? Think about getting your loved one a real estate related t-shirt, bag, or mug. Check out amazon and Etsy for a fun gift that your favorite agent can rock on their next vacation, or trip to the grocery story.

5. Tem Ferry Swag


Got a real estate agent who just can’t get enough of real estate guru, podcaster, and video marketing legend, Tom Ferry? Check out some of Tom Ferry’s premium swag, like these discrete socks that pair wonderfully with every shoe and will put a zip in your step in the morning! If you’re feeling really splashing, a great gifts for real estate agents is a ticket to Tom Ferry’s annual conference next summer. 

6. A Nimb Ring


Let’s get real about real estate agent safety! Anytime an agent is alone with strangers (like at an open house or a showing) there’s an element of risk. And, even if they feel as safe as can be in their neighborhood, nothing beats peace of mind. Check out the discrete and powerful Nimb ring. Here’s how it works— this stylish oversized ring doubles as a smart safety device. If the wearer’s in trouble, a quick tap to the panic button will alert nearby police services and text your emergency contacts. Buy a subscription starting at $29.99. 

7. Portable Speakers


Struggling to hear the music? Bored of the radio but can’t figure out exactly how to make the aux cord work? Blue tooth portal speakers are great gifts for real estate agents and transition wonderfully from work to home. It’s perfect for open houses and it’s also great for keeping the holiday cheer going at home. 

8. If You’re a Former Client, Give the Gift of Referrals!

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If you’re a formed client looking to give your favorite real estate agent a Valentine’s Day gift they’ll really thank you for, nothing will do the trick better than referrals! And, it’s a win-win. Your pal will be able to find a great new place and your real estate agent will be able to get a new client! 

9. Give the Gift of Relaxation: A Massage Coupon

woman relaxing relax spa

Anybody could use a little time to unwind and relieve tension. What better way to treat the real estate agent in your life than getting those hard shoulder knots worked out?

If you don’ t think massages are their speed, no worries! Instead, think about what other self-care gift you can treat your real estate agent with. A facial? Acupuncture? Ingredients for a stand-out home spa day (bath bombs, mace masks). There’s lots of affordable options on Amazon, or at big department stores. And, if you want to go luxe, your local boutiques, or chains like Lush or Anthropologie will sell you some treats you can spoil your favorite real estate agent with. 

11. A Rental Beast subscription!

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 12.22.39 PM.png

Got a real estate agent you really want to spoil? One of the most perfect gifts for real estate agents: A Rental Beast subscription. This holiday season, give the gift of a pipeline of future homebuyers! Rental Beast is the end-to-end leasing platform that simplifies the whole rental process and helps agents make rentals an integral part of their business. Rental Beast has the largest database. And, because we know how brutal the real estate industry can be, we give the most tools possible,

And, no need to pay for expedited shipping! We’re always here to give you more information about Rental Beast, talk through how our platform can work with your business, and guide you through a demo.

To learn more about the Rental Beast platform or to request a no-obligation demo visit Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents.

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