4 Thing to Do Before Your Showing

You’ve got your lead, you’ve conveyed your value and converted them into a client, and you’ve found some great apartment you’ll think they love. The next step is leading a stand-out showing. How can you prepare for the showing, make sure your client has a great experience, and close the deal successfully? If you’re feeling little stuck (or just need a quick reminder on how to lead a great showing!) check out Rental Beast University’s one-page resource on showing mechanics!

We want to let you know what’s in Rental Beast University, so every week we give you a sneak peek. See some of our latest blogs from our coaches (Related: 11 Step Guide to Showings) and read our one page resources that summarize our webinars, like this one about figuring showing mechanics. Use it to create a bullet-proof showing system and get some clients into apartments they love!


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