4 Ways to Convert Renters to Buyers

Here at Rental Beast we talk a lot about getting in front of first time homebuyers. After all, working with renters is a great way to build a reliable pipeline of millennials looking to lay down roots. And, rental transactions are great–they move quickly, and, with increasing rental prices, the payday’s not bad either. But, nothing beats getting a juicy home sales commission check. Sometimes renters really should be buying their homes, but how can you convert would-be renters to first time homebuyers? The secret is to educate your clients. They’ll only be able to know if buying makes the most sense if they have all necessary information at their fingertips. That’s why you’ve got to provide some resources. Check out the ones Rental Beast University coaches suggest!

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Check out this one page summary of resources you can direct your clients to start converting your renters to buyers.

Convert Renters to Buyers_ Resources.jpg

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