6 Step Guide to Making Contact With A Lead


Do you have a Rental Beast lead on your phone? Good news–you’re almost ready to go apartment hunting! However, contacting a lead for the first time can be daunting, even for seasoned agents. In the one-on-one coaching that I offer, I get a lot of questions from agents who don’t feel sure what process they should follow after a lead reaches out. How can you respond appropriately, quickly, and get their business? Here’s a great, easy-to-follow six-step guide to contacting a lead. 

Step 1: Text Your Client About Their Inquiry and Set a Time To Call

Send your client a text letting them know that you got their inquiry and that you will be calling them at a certain time. Setting up a call right from the first interaction might seem a little premature, but it’s wise to stay active and ready. Make sure you’re the one to set a time. This way, you stay proactive and get to control that part of your interaction not the lead. 

Sample Text: Hi, (client name). I wanted to reach about because I saw you were interested in the unit at (Unit Street Name). I’m going to call you at 6pm today so we can talk about this unit, and you real estate goals in general.

Step 2: Send Them a Follow-Up E-Mail

Cover all your bases and send them a follow up e-mail along with a text. For a client who doesn’t check their phone often, they’ll appreciate seeing something in their inbox.

Step 3: Call Them At That Specific Time

Keep your word! If you say that you’ll call at 6pm, make sure to call at 6pm. If your client responds enthusiastically or doesn’t reply to your text, call them at the specified time and be ready to ask your lead qualification question, convert your value, and questions about their wishlist.

Step 4: If They Don’t Pick Up, Text Your Client Again and Set Up A Different Time

Maybe the timing was the problem, so try another time. If you’ve tried to set up a call in the afternoon, try setting up one in the mid-morning, or midday. 

Sample Text: “Hi, (client name), sorry I missed you. I’ll reach out tomorrow at (a different time) to connect about your real estate search.” 

Step 5: Repeat

Make sure to contact your client again (and, again; you should be contacting your client three times in total) Repeating your process might be uncomfortable, but don’t miss this crucial step! Many leads are lost because they are not contacted a second or third time. Like you, your leads are busy people who might miss texts and emails, or be away from their phone. Always follow back up with your lead and let them know you are ready to help them with all their housing needs.

Step 6: Know When to Quit

Only go through this process three times. If your client doesn’t want to talk to you, then you need to move on.  

If your potential client replies back that they are working with another agent or that they don’t need your help looking for an apartment right now, it’s time to move onto something else. You only have so much time in the day, so don’t waste your energy chasing after a lead who’s dedicated to not being responsive. 

Don’t Forget!

The most important step in this guide to contacting a lead is to ask the important questions. If your lead is available to chat and wants to rent an apartment, that’s great! But, before the two of you move farther in a professional relationship, make sure that the client will be able to rent by going through your lead intake screening process. 

Exactly what questions you ask might vary. However, here’s 3 absolutely essential lead qualification questions you should ask:

    1. Are you working with another real estate agent currently?
    2. What’s your time-frame for moving?
    3. They are going to need to fill out a rental application, do you have any concerns about this? (this means, are they credit ready and capable of renting.)

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If they give unsatisfactory answers to these three questions (Unsatisfactory counts as: Yes, I am working with another real estate agents, I’m not going to be moving for a while, and my credit score will not let me move into a new apartment, respectively), then you might need to (politely) turn away their business. Explain to them that you cannot work with them right now, but would be happy to put them on your email list. After these three questions, you can go onto to getting a wish-list from your client and start finding them properties that match their requirements.

Make Sure to Convey Your Value

Of course, sometimes the client will have to pay a broker fee (other times, this will be paid by the landlord). Let them know that there’s a possibility that they will have to pay a broker fee for your services. In the very next sentence, let them know that working with a real estate professional like you is worth their fee. After all, with access to Rental Beast and your local MLS, and your legal 

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Getting Rejected is OK

Chances are, if a lead went through the trouble of filling out a contact form, they are serious interested in renting some apartment. However, maybe they’re not really looking to rent right now. Or, maybe they’re bothered by your calls and texts and ask you not to contact them again. Getting rejected is OK (even beneficial! A quick ‘no’ ensures that you don’t spend more time than you need to chasing a client who’s not interested.) Brush it off and get ready to respond to another lead!

Follow this guide to contacting new leads and get accustomed to working with rental clients!

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