7 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Facebook Groups

real estate agents can use facebook groups

It’s no secret that social medias need to play an important role in every real estate agents marketing and lead generation plan. In 2018, 69% of all US adult active on a social media site. The most trafficked social media site is Facebook, which, in 2018, reported 2.5 billion users. Considering these stats, its integral for real estate agents to have a Facebook presence. Nearly every Millennial (seriously, 99% of them) reports searching for a home online, so real estate agents can be ready to capture their business with a Facebook business page that presents an approachable and knowledgable image. However, Facebook can help real estate agents in many other ways! Have you ever thought about how real estate agents can use Facebook Groups? You might already be part of a Facebook Group for your high school graduating class, or your favorite hobby, but think about adding a few Groups for real estate agents to your roster! There’s a whole bunch of Facebook Groups dedicated to helping Real Estate Agents succeed, get up to date with recent technology (and even reducing stress and generating some well-needed community). Scroll down to see 7 ways Real Estate agents can use Facebook Groups. 


Hopeful movers might join real estate groups as a way to search for new homes! Posting some choice listings on these groups can be a great way to show off the listings under your belt, introduce yourself as a local area expert ready to give information, and help people find new homes that they’ll love. There’s even groups dedicated specifically to leads and referrals, like the 3.7 thousand strong Real Estate Agent Referral & Leads Group, where you can give and take leads. 

Have one of Rental Beast’s over 7 million off-MLS listings you want to share with a prospective lead? Rental Beast allows agents to easily share listings (to any Facebook Group you want, too!) to generate leads and build your book of business. 


Something we hear from real estate agents all the time–working in real estate can feel a little bit lonely sometimes. Take to Facebook to find a real estate community with the same concerns, values, and hopes as you. Real estate agents can use Facebook Groups like the 70k strong Ladies of Real Estate or the 40k strong New Real Estate Agents Facebook Group. Facebook Groups like these can provide a community tailored to your place in the real estate industry, and be great spaces to vent, chat, or hear how others have dealt with some of the problems you’re facing.  


Looking for something more lighthearted? Want to have a joke pop up on your newsfeed every once in a while? Don’t worry—there’s plenty of Facebook Groups for that as well. Try finding a couple of Facebook Groups for real estate agents looking to have a little bit of fun. If you’re in the mood to cringe Really Bad MLS Photos might do it for you. If you’re feeling alone in real estate misery, Real Estate Memes and Quotes will have you saying “same!” in no time. 

Top Tips and Best Practices

Groups like Digital Marketing Secrets for Real Estate Agents help real estate agents get their digital marketing up to snuff. However, you don’t have to Some of the groups that your join to create a community of to get leads can also be great places to get the top tips and best practices that you didn’t know you needed. If you’re feeling stuck with a problem—from issues with lead response to concerns about your online marketing strategy—ask a facebook group and see if you can connect with a real person. Other members of your group will also appreciate if you share some of your experiences, too. Had good luck with Rental Beast? Share that on one of the Facebook groups we’ve listed above. 

Content Ideas

real estate agents can use facebook groups

Here at Rental Beast, we want to make sure that you have enough content ideas to fill your calendar and get you the leads and credibility you need to build a solid business!

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However, the more ideas the better! Real Estate agents can use Facebook Groups to get some great content ideas. When you look at the helpful videos posted by real estate professionals in some of the facebook groups we’ve suggested above, see what content attracts you. How does that real estate agent create a video that keeps you watching past the 30 second mark? 


Having a mentor is highly important. Facebook Groups for real estate agents can also be a great place to find a real estate mentor or another agent you can ask questions and get a response derived from real life experience. 

Continuing your education as a real estate agent is always important when you live in such an dynamic, ever-changing environment. 

Rental Beast’s online learning center, Rental Beast University, is another way you can continue your education! Our coaches have spent years in the real estate industry and are ready to meet with you one-on-one to talk over your: Your rental strategy, an effective lead response plan, how to conveying value to leads, and converting renters to buyers. 


Feeling a bit out of your depth with technology? Facebook groups can get you used to learning about social media and finding out more about the real estate tech you can use to boost your business. Try What Should I Spend My Money On? Its description reads, “We get asked all the time what/who/when/why and how should I spend my marketing and technology budget? This Group is for discussing the ROI of those decisions.” 

(Just so you don’t have to go up through our article), here’s a list of the facebook groups mentioned in this list:

What Should I Spend My Money On?

Digital Marketing Secrets for Real Estate Agents

Digital Marketing Secrets for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Memes and Quotes

Really Bad MLS Photos

New Real Estate Agents Facebook Group

Ladies of Real Estate

Real Estate Agent Referral & Leads Group,

Ready to unleash the beast? To learn more about the Rental Beast platform or to request a no-obligation demo visit Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents.

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