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Rental Beast is the end-to-end solution for real estate agents hoping to grow their business and build a solid pipeline of future homebuyers with rentals. One of our biggest goals was to create a useable, accurate, and completed comprehensive database of rental listings and get at leas 80% visibility to every market we are active in. Now, we have over 7 million listings (and counting!) sourced from all types of property owners and managers— from large, national management companies to individual owners. Our database offers real estate agents unparalleled, privileged access to rental listings and we offer data consumers a reliable source of data upon which to base predictive models and make crucial decisions. Scroll down to see which data consumers find value in Rental Beast’s 7 million listings, why our data is usable and ideal for data consumers, and what data consumers might use Rental Beast’s data for. 

How Can We Help Data Consumers?

Data is Accurate and Sourced Directly From Property Managers

Who’s in a better position to supply and continually confirm information than the property’s owner? Because Rental Beast’s information is sourced directly from landlords and property owners themselves, data consumers and their teams can be sure that the information they are basing models and key decisions on is well-sourced and accurate. 

Up to Date

Thanks to our hyper-local, devoted teams of database specialists, the information in our database is always up-to-date. We believe on a “boots on the ground” approach, meaning we are in constant contact with the owners of our Rental Beast approved listings to ensure that no user is receiving dated or incorrect information. This means that the models produced by data consumers will not only be accurate, but will be up-to-date, too. 


Rental Beast is the only scaled source of rental listing data verified directly with landlords and property owners. Our database specialists personally contact all listings to post on Rental Beast. Instead of aggregating their own information to get a full picture, data consumers need only rely on our database. 

Fulfillment grade data

Rental Beast goes beyond collecting skeleton information about properties (we collect that, too!) We also collect fulfillment grade data. This means more granular information including pet policy, heat/AC, and parking. The more information we have, the more model, and thus better decisions, data consumers can create.

Rentals are Important to Americans

For many, renting remains a smart economic choice, and provides renters with a degree of flexibility and lack of accountability not found in home-ownership. As a result, rental occupancy has reached an all time high. Increasingly, the data surrounding rentals proves to be value for any data consumers hoping to capitalize on this important and enduring real estate trend. 

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Who’s Interested in This Data?

Government agencies

Government agencies need reliable rental data to determine how to get the most out of scant funds devoted to providing affordable housing units, draft effective legislation, set budgets and staffing levels, etc.

Housing Authorities

With our data, housing authorities can track the type of properties that have been recently built, listed, and rented.

Property Management companies

Property management companies are interested in Rental Beast’s data. With our comprehensive database of property pricing, property management companies can use our data to create usable and accurate models to price their properties competitively.

MLS services

The more data the better! MLSs and Rental Beast can join forces to give agents 100% visibly of the rental market, and make sure their agents stay and succeed in the real estate industry. Additionally, MLS services like MRED have also partnered with Rental Beast to supply their agents with unlimited access to Rental Beast’s FCRA-compliant, rev share opportunity, lightning fast rental application engine, Apply Now. 

How Can They Use It?

Comp Reports

MLS clients, property management clients, and other interested parties can request comparable reports based on static, commonly used attributes (location, bedrooms, ect.) as well as reports based on dynamic listing attributes most likely to be considered for a given location. 

Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

Rental Beast provides proprietary AVM to help industry professionals determine rent prices. Our AVM utilizes the Rental Beast database to continually “train” in an effort to best determine suggested rents. The AVM is sensitive to hyper-local price drivers and we utilize comparisons of multiple properties to continually optimize our output. 

Strategic Decisions

Our data can be explored and queried in many ways. Data agencies can feel sure that they are making accurate and strategic decisions about neighborhoods, apartment buildings, or any granular detail. 

Our database is put to the test everyday! Rental Beast has built its business on servicing real estate agents across the United States. These agents rely on Rental Beast for information to show listings, complete rental transactions, and build their businesses. Without updated, detailed, and accurate information, we’d be unable to fulfill our obligation to our subscribers— these demanding local experts continually test and validate our information .

Rental Beast is poised to become the sole source for companies wanting to create accurate, adaptable models, and other vital tools used to make strategic decisions. To learn more about the Rental Beast platform or to request a no-obligation demo visit Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents.

To learn more about Rental Beast’s database of over 7 million off-MLS listings and to find out more about how Rental Beast can help get you data, send us an email!

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