8 Reasons Why Houston Landlords Should List With Rental Beast Agents


Houston landlords, Rental Beast is official here and ready to help! We are pleased to announce that our database of listings has officially achieved over 80% of attainable listings in Houston. This means we’re ready to be used by Houston agents! To celebrate The Bayou City (or, if you please, H-Town or Magnolia City or just Houston) Apart from a whole bunch of nicknames, Houston has a whole lot to offer its inhabitants, like renter-friendly areas, a lush of jobs for work-ready millennials, and a competitive energy. To celebrate Rental Beast’s we’re devoting this whole week to exploring this vibrant city and some of our listings inside it. Houston landlords can easily list their property on Rental Beast. See 8 reasons why its a smart choice to list with Rental Beast.

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Why are People Flocking to Houston?

Our Partner Agents Can Get You the Right applicants

Our database of over 7 million off-MLS listings is used daily by our subscribers—dedicated real estate agents who’re ready to get you someone to fill your vacancies. Local Houston real estate agents signed up with Rental Beast have a book of qualified renters they work with and who they will be excited to feature your unit on their social medias or recommend your unit to a tenant they know will be a great fit. Of course, you make the final decision on who fills your vacancy. However, with a real estate agents’ rigorous screening process, Houston landlords can worry less about receiving a totally unqualified applicant, and worry more about choosing from a crop of eligible candidates. 

Find a Partner in Our Partner Agents

Having a listing agent is great! A qualified real estate agent market your property, bring you the most qualified applicants and building a strong relationship with a dedicated agent can ensure that you have someone always on your side, and with whom you can communicate clearly and freely. Of course, there’s a slight catch—you will have to pay a fee to work with a real estate agent. However, a lot of landlords find the qualified applicants a real estate agent brings to their property well worth the broker fee. A partner agent who can sell you properties lets you sit back and focus on what’s really important: building a great relationship your tenants. 

We’ll Get the Information You Need to Fill Your Vacancy

We make sure to collect all the data real estate agents and renters need to know about your unit. With all the requisite information available to those who need it, you won’t have to field a million daily calls asking about your pet policy, or if you’ll pay a broker fee, or where the keys are for a showing. We ask you all of this information up-front, and will make sure you don’t accidentally forget something important.

We Promote Your Listing—All Eyes Will be on Your Property!

Real estate agents might choose to market your listing on their personal social medias. However, Rental Beast’s partnerships with popular apartment finder finders like Facebook Marketplace and realtor.com, ensures that your listing will be promoted across the web. Working with Rental Beast means that you don’t have to waste your time going from site to site, entering and re-entering all your information, in the hope of scoring a client. Rental Beast makes it fast and easy to put in front of the eyes of millions of digital apartment hunters ready to make a move. 

Rental Application Engine Apply Now and Landlord Tools

Apply Now, our rental application engine is build for speed and ease. If you’re already happy with how you receive and process applications, then no worries! You can stick with that. But, if you’re looking for a change, think about trying Apply Now. You’ll have easy and totally secure access to all the sensitive information—eviction history, credit score, and, when applicable, criminal history—you need to make an informed decision.

Easy Communication With Real Estate Agent

With so many moving parts to the leasing process, it can be easy for someone to feel like they’re left out of the loop. Communication with clients and real estate agents is made easy and simple. With our landlord portal, you’ll get automatic updates when an agent has started an application, and when their client has started the application. Easily keep track of all the applications you’ve received. And, most credit scores processed almost instantly, is faster than regular paper applications, meaning your vacancy gets filled (and you stop spending money on it and start earning money from it!) much sooner than if you used conventional paper applications.

Changed the price on your property? Realized that you accidentally added 100 square feet to your unit when you put in your property. Don’t sweat it. It’s easy to go into your landlord portal and adjust any information about your property. With Rental Beast’s listings automatically syndicated, these edits will be made simultaneously on all websites. 

Database Specialists for You Every Step of the Way

At Rental Beast, you’ll interact with a real person ready to help. We contact Houston landlords you every two weeks to make sure that all information is up-to-date and still accurate.


Finally, and maybe most importantly, listing your property on Rental Beast is totally free for landlords. While some sites might request a fee, there’s no need to open up your wallets and take our your credit cards. Accessing digital apartment hunters is as easy as typing in your unit’s information or, if you’d prefer speaking to a qualified database specialist, contacting Rental Beast. 

We know you’re busy—you already spend lots of time and money getting your unit ready to be sold. Let Rental Beast promote your Houston property and get your unit filled with the right applicant.

If you’re a Houston landlord ready to list your property on our database, contact us to talk about listing your property!

To learn more about the Rental Beast platform or to request a no-obligation demo visit Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents.

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