6 Lead Qualification Questions You Need to Ask

Have you ever spent every waking hour searching for a perfect apartment only to be told that your client doesn’t want to move for the next six months? How about this–have you ever spent three consecutive weekends driving to showings before realizing that your client’s price range is wildly lower than the apartments you’ve picked? It all hurts. Realizing that your client will not be a reliable source of business is never fun. However, if you ask the right question when your client is still a lead, you can avoid wasting your time and having some uncomfortable conversations. See how our experts at Rental Beast University tackled this difficult predicament and see lead qualification questions you need to ask.

One of the most common questions we got asked by agents new to our platform was, “where do I begin?” We hear you. Continuing education can be tough to fit into an already packed schedule–not to mention its expensive. However, with Rental Beast University, it doesn’t need to be either! RBU is an online, interactive learning platform with on-demand courses designed for agents of all levels. In our series of self-paced online webinars, you’ll learn how to handle every step of the leasing process– from generating leads to signing leads. Agents can get up-to-date on the best practices for social media, and get personalized one-on-one coaching from industry experts. If you’re looking for some light reading, read tips and tricks from our coaches at the Rental Beast forums. With Rental Beast University, it’s easy to expand your capacity and learn new skills!

We want to let you know what’s in Rental Beast University, so every week we give you a sneak peek. See some of our latest blogs from our coaches (Related: Your Guide to Renters Insurance) and read our one page resources that summarize our webinars, like this one about the questions you need to ask to determine if the lead you are talking to is solid and you want to take their business.

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We hope you enjoyed these lead qualification questions from Rental Beast University.

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