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In case you missed the memo, the 21st of September was the first day of fall. The summer’s officially over. We hope you had a great summer, and we’re sure you’re gearing up for the final stretch of 2019. Here at Rental Beast, we’re dedicated to sharing best practices and keeping you updated with and knowledgable about real estate trends. So, here’s some of the top posts of our real estate blog this summer.

Need a quick reminder of some of the most important take aways? Curious to see what the other agents have been reading up on? Check out our top 10 posts of the summer 2019.

Why Rentals Matter Right Now

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It’s no wonder to see “Why Rentals Matter” top our list! After all, rental occupancies are at an all time high, and Millennials are flocking to rentals to enjoy the flexibility and cost effectiveness of rental units. Lots of agent use rentals to keep cash flow consistent and secure a pipeline of first time homeowners. Now we’ve already given you a couple reasons why rentals are important. Read more here.

The First Conversation: What to Say to A New Rental Lead, How to Say It

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New agents especially can feel a little stressed when it comes to interacting with new leads. Now that you’ve got a new lead what do you say to them? How can you let them know that you’re willing to help? See what can say to a lead to convey your value rom the initial conversation and get their business. Read more here

7 Huge Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make on Youtube

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Content is king, and video content is particularly important for an agent trying to make in-roads with millennials. However, sometimes agents new to this potential powerful platform can stumble and make some rookie mistakes! Get on the path to success by learning up on 7 Huge mistakes real estate agents make on YouTube. Read more here

Facebook For Real Estate Agents: 5 Essential Tips

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With over 360 million users, Facebook is one of the heavily trafficked social media site! Get ready to build a professional Facebook business page that will generate the leads you need to grow your business.  Read more here.

9 Big Real Estate Myths (And the Truth!)

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All industries have some nasty folklore. We don’t want any myths— no matter how widespread— to get in the way of you building a thriving real estate agent. Read up on these damaging myths and find out the truth! See more here.

Rental Beast Partners With Midwest Real Estate Data

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We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Midwestern Real Estate Data. With this partnership, all 45,000 MDRED agents will have access to our native application tool, Apply Now. Apply Now is a lightning fast rental application tool keeps agents informed, in control, and FCRA compliant. With it, rental applications take significantly less time to complete and process and the real estate agent gets notified at every point in the decision making process. Read more here.

7 Critical Real Estate Trends (And What They Mean!)

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We’ve been watching some pretty crucial trends all summer! Get to know the real estate market and 7 important developments we’ve been tracking, with this article. We can’t promise to know the future, but we’ve also took a shot at guessing how they might play out. Any other readings? See more here.

Top 7 Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail (And How to Avoid Them!)

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The realities of being a new real estate agent are brutal. According to NAR, 87% of Real Estate agents drop out of the industry within five years, and the average income for the first two years is below 9,000. Yikes! Find out why so many real estate agents can’t thrive in the industry, and what you can do to make sure you don’t become just another statistic. Read more here.

Renters over 60 Set to Dominate the Market

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While Millennials dominate the rental scene right now, it looks like their reign might not last. By 2035, renters over 60 are set to dominate the marketplace. How come older generations are flocking to rental units? Could it be for some of the same reason Millennials love rentals— flexibility, affordability, and the increase of apartments with good amenities? Read more here.

Rent in Boston, and Why it’s So High

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We have a soft spot for our HQ’s hometown, but rents sure are expensive. When we penned this blog in July, rents were $3111. Now, only two months later, average rent is $3,545. How come this historical city’s rents are skyrocketing? We take a look at some of the reasons why Boston’s so expensive. Read more here.

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