4 Common Client Objections (and how to Solve Them!)

One of the most common questions we got asked by agents new to our platform was, “where do I begin?” We hear you– continuing education as a real estate agent can be tough or expensive. With Rental Beast University, it doesn’t need to be either. RBU is an online, interactive learning platform with on-demand courses designed for agents of all levels. In our series of online webinars, you’ll learn how to handle every step of the leasing process– from generating leads to signing leads, discover the best practices for social media, and get expert feedback on your progress. If you’re looking for some light reading, read tips and tricks from our coaches at the Rental Beast forums. It’s easy to expand your capacity and learn new skills.

We want to let you know what’s in Rental Beast University, so every week we give you a sneak peak. See some of our latest blog from our coaches (Related: 4 LinkedIn Tips for Success) and read our the one page resources that summarize our webinars, like this one about categorizing, understanding, addressing, and overcoming client objections.

overcome objections

Chances are you’re spending a lot of time at home. Learning and sharpening your real estate skills is a great way to decrease anxiety, have fun, and build a sustainable business.  If you haven’t already built rentals into your business plan, now–as the sales cycle softens and apartments are able to rent sight-unseen–is a great time to start working with rentals.

At Rental Beast, we believe that agents of all levels should have accessible education during this difficult time. So, we’re opening the doors to Rental Beast University, our interactive online education platform for all agents for free.

With Rental Beast University, you can chose from a selection of on-demand webinar courses with proven records of success. Courses include crucial topics including rental best practices, social media skills, and converting renters to buyers.

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