Rental Beast University Resource: Lead Generation Activities

School never officially ends for the savviest of real estate agents. As professionals in a highly dynamic market, newbies and seasoned agents alike need to keep adapting, growing, and learning. To help, we created Rental Beast University, an interactive, educational platform for agents of all levels. Enroll in one of our dozens of on-demand video seminars to learn the ins-and-outs of the rental process, best practices for social media and internet lead generation, and smart ways to convert renters to buyers. Each seminar has short assignments, and we have experienced coaches on staff ready to give you timely, actionable feedback (BTW– It’s feedback, not grades. Big difference.) All of our assignments– from writing scripts, to recording conversations, to blocking out your own schedule– help you sharpen your skill-set, and our coaches are there to guide you to success.

Want to debrief with some other agents? Feeling excited to share all the new things you’ve been learning? Head over to the forums– our virtual student union– to chat with other agents and share your newest questions and ideas. There, you can also read RBU exclusive content from our coaches (like this one). Learn or share tested and true tips  from our Real Estate experts or read our selection of articles curated to address your pain points.

Once you finish a course, you get a very official virtual diploma (go ahead, print and frame it)!

We try to cover topics that are important for real estate agents, like lead generation. Take a sneak peak at RBU with this list of RBU-approved digital, and in-person lead generation activities.

RBU lead-generation-activities.jpg

Try implementing some of these activities today.

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