Rental Leads to Tenants: 6 Ways to Add a Personal Touch

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“It’s nothing personal; it’s just business.” We’ve all heard this phrase that (supposedly) sums up the coldness of corporate life and the bitter brutality of the marketplace. While it might help if you’ve been rejected from a job, it’s a bad philosophy in an age where customer service is king. And, most importantly for you, it’s a really bad philosophy for real estate agents. We don’t have to tell you that for your clients, homes are not “just business.” They are very, very personal. As a real estate agent, you talk to prospective tenants every day. From using social media and email marketing to generate rental leads to guiding clients through the smooth showing of a property, building strong relationships is all-important. So, let’s get personal.

Likability is one of the most critical factors in the real estate agent’s interaction with rental leads. We know that this is a lot of pressure, a good impression is especially, building your pipeline of first-time homebuyers from current tenants with intuitive outreach plans. Let your client know that their business is personal to you with these six ways to add a personal touch. Also, find out what to say to a new lead here!

Write a Handwritten Note

Writing Note

We know you do a lot to generate rental leads— Facebook posts, Add handwritten notes to all the means of outreach that you already do. OK— you can’t check when people open your handwritten notes the same way you can with text message or emails. However, a handwritten note stands out and packs a big punch in a world dominated by digital exchanges. Check out this specific list of points at which you can send handwritten notes. You can shoot off handwritten notes at any time— after a few showings after your clients have signed a lease. Even if they don’t rent an apartment with you, it might be nice to thank them for letting you strategize with them.

Isolate pain points and offer personalized help

Adding a personal touch doesn’t need to come in the form of a gift; it can just be how you

Talking to Rental Leads

present information and guide your client through the process. Of course, isolating pain points and offering help is something that you should be doing already. It’s a big part of your job as a real estate agent after all! However, try to give personalized advice, not just a generic reply.

Most importantly, always be patient and adaptable. A great thing about working with rentals is that they take place in a much shorter time frame than sale transactions. Renters move, on average, every two years. Keep in mind that what might feel like another apartment hunt to you is life-changing for your potential client. Strike a warm tone and try to understand what your client is anxious about so you can try to help assuage it with personalized, detailed information.

Customer Testimonials are Your Best Friend

Customer testimonials are super important! They mean that you’ve worked with clients and given them what they’ve wanted before, and show that you’re ready and happy to do it again for another client. Think about presenting them in a multimedia way— maybe a video, or attach a photo of your new clients in their new rental— along with the testimonial they have given you. If you want to read more about why customer testimonials are so useful, check out the thoughts of one of Rental Beast University mentors.

Repeated, friendly contact

Did you know that most rental leads are not reached out to for a second time? This means that you increase your chances of getting to a lead just by texting them or calling them another time. Remember, you’re not annoying, you’re trying to get someone’s business, and place them in a home that they will appreciate. Add a personal touch to your phone calls by mentioning a specific thing that you’ve talked with your lead about in the past.

Parting Gifts, Even For Rental Leads

Don’t disappear! Your contact with your client shouldn’t end when they sign the lease, and you’ve received your commission. Let them know how happy you are that your former clients are settled in their home and comfortable. Make sure that your client

birthday bow box card

knows that you’re glad they’re moving in by sending them a little housewarming gift. Maybe think about sending something homemade and personal like a plate of freshly baked plate of brownies or chocolate bark (bonus: you can make them with your loved ones). If homemade food feels unlikely to keep or you’re just too pressed for time, that’s OK. Instead, think about sending them something that will get them started in their new neighborhood. See what nearby stores or gift cards offer gift cards. Or perhaps your clients would appreciate an Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card.

All of these are good options, and perfect places to place another handwritten note. The 20$ you take out of your commission to pay for a gift will be well worth it in the referrals you receive.

Share a bit about yourself (not related to Real Estate)

Oversharing is not a good look and talking religion and politics is a definite no-go. However, sharing a little bit about yourself to your rental leads is great. It’ll go a long way in establishing yourself as a trusted source and someone who’s in it for the long run. Don’t let your conversations revolve around apartment hunting and the real estate market. If you can relate to their struggles trying to find a place that will allow them to bring their dog, let them know how you figured it out. When thinking about what facts you can share about yourself to seem likable and, think about sharing some of your favorite tips about the local article. How long ago did you move to the area? What are your favorite restaurants in the area? What sandwich from the deli do you love?

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