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Here at Rental Beast, we’re pretty excited about our new application tool, Apply Now. Apply Now lets agents and landlords initiate applications and see real-time updates. We love Apply Now because it’s easy, fast, and, most importantly, the only rental application built to keep the agent in-control, and FCRA compliant. We’re not the only ones who love Apply Now. Recently, we’ve started a partnership with the MLS service Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED). This partnership will give all of MRED’s 45,000 agents access to Apply Now. Here’s how an MLS and Rental Beast are combining forces to empower agents. 

1) Apply Now Keeps Agents In Control at Every Step.

Apply Now helps all the parties involved in the leasing signing process— potential tenant, agent, and landlord— stay informed. But, we’re especially proud of the fact that Apply Now is the first, and only rental application made with the agent in mind. Agents won’t suffer through any more frantic phone calls to see the stage of their client’s application; Apply Now keeps the agents in control. Agents can generate applications, get informed at every step of the transaction along with their client, and can see real-time updates of their tenants’ applications on their dashboard. 

2) Apply Now is Free for Agents

Apply Now is free for a partner MLS’ real estate agents. The applicant pays the cost of filling out an application. Our partners dictate this number and usually ranges from $45 to $80. If the agent’s client doesn’t get accepted to the apartment that they want, no one will have to pay another lump sum. There’s no refunds, but rental applicants can submit the same application for up to three additional properties within thirty days for an additional $15.

3) Stay FCRA Compliant

Holding onto credit information can be a risky business. Apply Now complies entirely Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 10.12.18 AM
with FCRA guidelines, and keeps sensitive information— credit scores, eviction history, and, if applicable, criminal history— secure and only visible to the landlord or property owner. Agents can feel confident that they are staying on the right side of the law while knowing that landlords will have access to the information they need to make an informed decision. Apply Now makes the rental process safer and easier for the agent. 

4) An MLS and Rental Beast Partnership Means More Data Sharing

The more data, the merrier. Rental Beast and its newest partner, MRED, will be able to share information regarding all the properties the two have in their databases. The more data we can share, the more MLS agents can understand market pricing, neighborhoods, and the amenities they need. 

4) Apply Now is Easy on the agent

All an agent needs to do is enter their clients’ information and the rental’s address. Apply Now can do the rest. 

5) Apply Now is Wicked Smart

Our platform can figure things out. It’ll automatically be able to see if a listing is represented by an owner, property manager, or a listing agent. When identified as an Agent, the system queries the status their relationship with the landlord— deciphers if its an exclusive agreement vs. fiduciary responsibility— and will be able to proceed accordingly. Apply Now also sends out reminder emails to applicants if they haven’t started, or haven’t completed, their application. 

6) Apply Now Can be Used on Any Property

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 12.54.21 PMAny property in the Rental Beast database— our listings or MLS ones— that has an Apply Now button below it is comparable. Also, it makes things easier— and easier on the eyes— when everything works and looks the same. Getting through unique lease contracts can already test someone’s patience. All we need is the landlord’s agreement and landlords like the ease and security of Apply Now!  

7) Apply Now is Lighting Fast

Apply Now makes sure that you don’t live in suspense. Of course, we can’t control how quickly the applicant fills out the application, but Apply Now makes it clear what information the tenant needs. There’s no hidden surprises, so the applicant will be ready to go. Once it’s out of their hands and passed onto the landlord, credit reports are processed within minutes. The entire application process takes, at maximum, three to four days from initial submission to the landlord’s final decision. Don’t forget: we’ll update every party at every step. 

8) Realtime Dashboards Keep Everyone on the Same Page

The client, agent, and landlord all get a dashboard where they can watch real-time updates.  Every Apply Now’s ease to use means that the agent can maintain.

Have more questions about Apply Now? Check out our FAQ page to see if your question been answered, and watch these tutorials. 

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