Rental Beast helps Berkshire Hathaway reduce churn and increase efficiency

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As partners, Rental Beast and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices share common goals; mutual success and providing guidance in the real estate market. Rental Beast is committed to helping brokerages grow, reduce agent churn, and increase efficiency through the use of rentals. Berkshire Hathaway provides the agents, and we provide the rest.

Rentals provide a unique opportunity for all agents and brokerages to thrive in the real estate market. Rental commissions get into agent pockets’ fast, supplementing income and building a book of business. With over seven million non-MLS rental listings, Rental Beast gives you the edge and insight into the rental world.

Take it from our CEO, Ishay Grinberg, “Rental Beast creates a reality inside the brokerage firm allowing new, newer, or agents that are struggling with sales by helping them earn rental commissions and build a client base of future home buyers. We empower agents by giving them access to tons of rental inventory, tons of rental leads on both sides of rental transactions, and tons of education and support.”

Instrumental to reducing churn, Rental Beast also provides numerous education initiatives and opportunities for agents to hone their craft. Mentorships, webinars, classes, and personalized goals to make rentals easier for agents. Our partnership with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is proof rentals help agents and brokers.

Man and Woman Shaking Hands“I think Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices wants to help brokers recruit and retain new, productive agents, and our goal is to help them do that by empowering with powerful tools to effectively service the 60% of the population that rents. With Rental Beast, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agents can be a lot more productive, and provided they put in the effort they’ll build a pipeline of new home buyers, a pipeline of future home sellers, while opening the doors to $12 billion dollars of leasing commissions that they now really don’t have access to. That’s the goal for the partnership,” said Ishay.

So long as your agents are making money, your brokerage will grow and thrive. Brokerages partnering with Rental Beast see churn reductions of up to 50%. Think about all you could do if you let Rental Beast retain, train, and help your agents succeed!

For more information on how Rental Beast helps brokerages reduce agent churn, listen to our CEO Ishay Grinberg on the Real Trends Podcast, or visit Rental Beast for more information and to get your free demo!


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