5 Things every Real Estate Agent should be doing right now

As a Real Estate Agent, whether you are brand new or a grizzled veteran, you are always looking for ways to leverage your skills. You want to reach more clients, close more deals, and make more money.  Sometimes it can be tough, as the market shifts and evolves; what can you do to capitalize? Here are five things every agent should be doing right now to generate long term and short term success.

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  1. Build your brand on social media. The most crucial thing an agent can do in this day and age is to cultivate a strong social media presence. Connect with clients, share your expertise, and show people homes. Build a professional Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  2. Contact new and potential leads immediately. Every phone call is a potential client so, make a point to either answer fast or call back promptly. Show people that you care about them and take the time to show them. Calling back within 5 minutes will go a long way in getting new clients.Image result for neighborhood view
  3. Learn (more) Neighborhoods. Agents typically have a preferred market, a niche area where they know every street like the back of their hand. Expand your base and commit to learning additional neighborhoods. The more areas you cover, the more clients you can serve. Keep track of pricing trends, and open houses. 
  4. Prepare your clients for the showing. Showings are critical to whether your client will sign a lease. Set up a pre-showing meeting to make sure your clients know what to look for, and bring a measuring tape, flashlight, and camera.Image result for rental beast
  5. Start doing Rentals! Rentals are crucial to making money fast as well as building your book of business. More people are renting now more than ever, which gives agents a unique opportunity to leverage their expertise to help them. If you are looking for more information on making money with rentals, visit RentalBeast.com.

The experts at Rental Beast hope you find these tips helpful in your real estate endeavors. If you ever need real estate advice, local knowledge, or tips on rentals contact us today and we will start you down the path to success.

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