Introducing Rental Beast Forums

We here at Rental Beast are proud to announce the launching of our brand new Rental Beast Forum.  Rental Beast Forum is a dedicated, and curated forum for our agents to connect, share, and learn. Agents can share their success stories, tips and tricks,  and their personal best practices. We also have our personal Rental Beast experts and real estate coaches contributing as well to stoke conversation and help agents succeed.  The forum currently holds five topics for agents to converse about…

  • Question of the Week.  Respond to our real estate Question of the Week and learn from other agents’ and coaches.Group Hand Fist Bump
  • Welcome to the Rental Community!  Check in here to tell us about yourself, what you’d like to learn and connect with other agents. 
  • New Agents: Let’s Get Ready!  Let us help you get on the path to success with insightful blogs from Coach John and discussion with your peers. 
  • What Agents get Wrong.  Learn how to avoid common agent mistakes and discuss best practices with fellow agents. 
  • How Rental Beast Helped Me.  See how other agents are having success with Rental Beast.  

Photo of Woman Using Her LaptopRental Beast will consistently monitor activity and topics on the forum to shape our education classes to better suit agents.  If you have any ideas for topics, or if there is anything specific you would like to see, please contact us directly. All Rental Beast agents can access Rental Beast Forum through the Broker Portal.  Simply Log In, click the Education Tab, find the button labeled “Dashboard” on the top left. Click it and select “Forum”, now you can jump into the conversation. As always, to learn more about Rental Beast and what we do for agents, visit  

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