Americans want to RENT

In a recent survey released by Freddie Mac, 78% of people believe that renting is more affordable than owning a home.  This is an 11 point jump from a survey six months ago, which asked the same questions.

This seems to be a worrisome trend that the housing market is starting to stagnate with the entrance of Millennials.  People just cannot find the funds, or capital to make owning a home a viable purchase. Renting will continue to be on the upswing as long as housing prices remain high and renting remains affordable.

Woman Wearing White Top Holding Smartphone

If you are an agent looking for ways to capitalize on this boon, and obtain more clients, Rental Beast is here for you.  We offer a database of over six million non-MLS rental listings, and a slew of productivity tools. Join today and you can get your piece of the 12 billion dollar rental commission.   

If you are a renter, looking to find your next home at an affordable rate, contact us today.  We here at Rental Beast are glad to help you in anyway you need, and our white glove service is unmatched.  

Contact us today!  

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