You should be using CMA’s

No, no, not the Country Music Awards.  A Comparative Market Analysis. The real estate agent’s ace in the hole.  Creating and distributing CMA’s is a great way for real estate agents to help, keep, and obtain more clients.    

A comparative market analysis is a data report of comparable home sales/rentals in a targeted area.  These reports often include active listings currently for sale, pending listings, sold listings, and/or off market listings.  This report is meant to give the agent and client a direct look at the real estate market in the client’s preferred area.

As an agent you should be compiling CMA’s and sending them out to current and past clients.  It’s a great way to reopen a former relationship or solidify a current one. Develop a monthly email chain with a detailed CMA in “hot neighborhoods!”  You are a real estate expert, use the tools you have at your disposal.

If you are not sure how to create a CMA or if you would like more information, contact Rental Beast today.  One of our in-house real estate experts will be happy to help you with anything you need. And if you are interested in furthering your real estate experience and education, check out Rental Beast University.  


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