Millennials are using Real Estate Agents more and more

As Millennials and Gen-Xers continue to impact the real estate market, agents and brokers are becoming significantly more valuable.  In the most recent REAL Trends Consumer Study, 90% of buyers and sellers used an agent to facilitate their transaction. This is the highest it’s been since the report was formed in 2001.  91% of Millennials and 94% of Gen-Xers used a real estate agent to help with their transactions.

So now is the opportunity, for you as an agent, to take advantage of this boon and enrich yourself.  In the study, consumers listed the reasons they used a real estate agent. Here’s just a few:

  • 74% wanted access to a comparative market analysis
  • 72% needed someone to help with the buying/selling process
  • 80% wanted help managing the stressful process of buying or selling a home

You have the tools and the expertise to help these people find their next home.  We here are Rental Beast want to help you do just that!

If you are looking for more clients, more inventory, or more education to help you become a better agent, contact Rental Beast today.  We are happy to help you in anyway you need. Call today!

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