Rental Beast Quick Tips: Becoming a better Real Estate Agent

Welcome to the first installment of Rental Beast’s Quick Tips.  In today’s post we will be focusing on tips and tricks you can use to be a better agent.  Rental Beast prides itself on helping agents become masters of their craft. Let’s hop right in:

  1. Person Holding White and Blue Business PaperTip number one: Never turn a deal down!  Between sales and rentals you have the opportunity to service a plethora of clients, and you should take all of them.  It doesn’t matter if the commissions are low, every deal you make gets your name out, and builds your book of business.  You’ll get more future buyers, more future referrals, and more money in the long run. 
  2. Stay in touch, and maintain relationships with former clients, and colleagues.  Referrals are a crucial part of driving your real estate business. Keeping in touch with past clients, keeps you in their mind, and will likely result in more referrals.  Send your former clients and coworkers holiday cards, birthday cards, and special listings. Use your social media presence. 
  3. Always be available to help! Making a point to be available for your clients is both endearing and helpful.  You have expert advice and insight to the real estate market, share it. If your clients have questions, past or present, make it a priority to provide the information they need.  You are as much a real estate agent, as a people person.

Keep an eye out for the next installment of Rental Beast Quick Tips, for more ways to improve your craft, and be a better agent.  

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