RB Insight: Southern California Housing Slump

According to CoreLogic, new and existing houses and condominiums sold during this past month of September fell 18% compared with September of 2017.  This is a worrisome trend for potential home buyers, as the median price for homes sold in September was $505,000 (3.6% higher than it was last year).

With prices rising, and home sales dropping, what can you do as an agent?  How can you continue to serve your clients at the high levels they know and love?  Try Rental Beast!

Now, more than ever, is the time to consider rentals as a bonafide way to make money, and Rental Beast is here to help.  With the housing market stalling, your clients will still need somewhere to live, and you can provide that with rentals. Rentals give you the unique opportunity to supplement your income, while also providing white-glove service to your clients.  

Rental Beast has access to six million non-MLS listings all across the nation, productivity and efficiency tools, and an education platform.  Visit RentalBeast.com today or call in for a free demo.

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