FCRA Compliance? Rental Beast is here to help

FCRA, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, comes into conversation in real estate during the application phase.  This act regulates the collection of credit information and the access of credit reports. Passed in 1970, it was designed to ensure fairness, accuracy, and privacy of personal information during credit checks.  

Group of People Holding Message BoardsAll real estate agents must be aware of the FCRA to better serve their clients while also avoiding legal troubles.  Staying compliant and informed makes you immensely valuable to your client as well as to landlords. FCRA compliance comes in to play during the application process, luckily for you, Rental Beast has a way to make it easier.  

Introducing Apply Now, Rental Beast’s FCRA compliant, online application tool!  With just a few clicks you will receive a detailed credit report, eviction history, and a background check.  Accessible through our Broker Portal, we streamline the application process for you and your clients. Simply enter your client’s information, they will pay a fee of $45 dollars, and get you everything you need!               

You serve your clients, let us make sure you are FCRA compliant.  Check us out today at RentalBeast.com.

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